Between your life, the driver and the music

Unless you are a driver working for somebody else’s, your car is completely the soul mate of your life. It is up to you what kind of song you want to play it in your car. The music helps your mood while driving the car. Or even better, the music helps you from boredom and avoids yourself from being sleepy.

Yesterday I went to Bandung with my friends and the driver play some nice tunes that we all can really enjoy it. He seems to be enjoying the songs as well. The radio play on some old time tunes…those songs when we were all still in high school… So, it was kinda fun and relaxing… Naturally, we can’t expect that every driver have the same taste of music just like us.

Someone that I knew even can’t drive without his heavy metal music… I can stand this one though I do wish to get out of the car immediately. Thinking about his Mom though… What would she do? Whether she prefer to take a taxi or just keep her mouth shut as long as her son willing to take her anywhere she wants to go?

The worst experience ever when years ago, me and my family were on this trip from Medan to Tarutung, which took about 5 hours drive. We rent a car along with the driver to take us there and back to Medan again. So, there we were…very early in the morning we started the long journey. Nothing really happened during that time, until the driver decided to put on some music. His music, of course. The songs all about broken hearted desperate guy in the Melayu rhythm kind of way…whatever… I struggled hard to contain my irritated feeling. But my Mom couldn’t take it any longer. She told the driver to turn off the music. And you know what, it only took him about few minutes to get drowsy and we almost hit by a truck!! With all the effort I could muster I told the driver to just play whatever music he has rather than he fall asleep and kill us all. I whisper to my Mom to be patient for another 3 hours… That was the longest 3 hours we ever have. And he even played the worst song ever. It contains a conversation between the singers, like a local jokes or something which was more annoying than before. But what could we do about it? Rather than being dead because a truck hit all of us over sleepy driver just because we were not allowing him to have his music…

Eventually, our life is more important than the irritated feeling over some music preference of the driver… *BIGGRIN*
2 Responses
  1. Bwhahahahaaaa...... Astaga! Seriously tuh? dia sampe ngantuk gara2 ga ada musik? Hohoho....

  2. bridge Says:

    iyeeee!!!! dia langsung ngantuk!!! ampir aja nganter nyawa cuman2 gara2 gak tahan sama pilihan lagunya

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