Cheap versus expensive

Money buys quality. People often said that to me. But others not automatically agree with it. For me, I think I am in betweens.

I have to admit, that buying expensive things is not recommended. Not to mention if you have limited budget. Buying a branded blouse will rock your world into the gutter because you have no money left. Kidding…

But for several of my things, I prefer to find something that is a bit expensive but can be wearing up to two years or more. Though when I paid for that expensive things, it felt like I was slapped hundreds of time on my face…
Want some examples?

Shoes to go to work
Though my work did not require me to stand too long, but I still need shoes that can make my feet feel comfortable. And sorry to say, I need to buy branded show to have that comfortable feeling. Since the shoes lasting until about three years… I do not mind at all… But still have that hurt feeling when I paid the shoes… Grinning…

I have to wear glasses to be able to see… No… Not exaggerating … but the truth. Since I am still scare on trying wear soft lenses (such a tacky person)… glasses is the only option for me. Once, my colleague told me to get a cheap one. With the frame and the glasses only cost me 300,000 Rupiahs! Wow… I was amazed. But my amazement only lasted 3 months. After that, the frame was totally damaged and even given me pimples. So, I bought another one which a lot more expensive. And I have been wearing it for more than 2,5 years now. Well, this argument probably works because my sights are stable within that period so I do not need to go back and forth checking my eyes. And I hate going to the optic and choosing which glasses suited with my face.

I have a friend who is very fashionable. I asked her, whether she prefer cheap clothing or branded expensive items. She said, she does not mind with cheap clothing. HOWEVER, she said cheap clothing is easily damaged. While she likes wearing it for many times, if she really likes the clothes. Once she bought this cute blouse for only 50,000 Rupiahs. After three times seeing her with that clothes, I asked her why she did not wear it again. She said the dress was torn beyond recognition. The fabric is too thin and easily damaged. After that she did not want to buy cheap clothing again.

Cheap clothing is perfect for people who want to look fashionable and easily bored. Perhaps wearing it for 2 – 3 times, and they just tossed it …. If the dress not previously damaged. While others prefer to wear it for many occasions. And keep it… Who knows that in the future this kind of clothing will be trendy again…

So, either is cheap or expensive… it depends on our needs. No need to push it if you can’t afford it. But if you think you are going to use it for a long time, then try to save a little bit
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Agree with you in spending more money for better quality product. Wish that i had money raining in my place so i can buy anything i want.... '-' Wei'-'

  2. bridge Says:

    hahahaha, remember money can buy almost everything but not everything :D

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