Have you ever asked your overweight friends what is their main hobby? Well, most of my overweight friends (including myself) claim that eating as our main hobby. And we are still wondering why we have problems with weight… LOL

In some countries, being overweight is considered as a status. I mean, this person must have more than enough money to buy themselves overloaded meals to increase their weight. So, obviously they must be rich people…

Nowadays, when a person able to gain access on knowledge about healthy living, being overweight is not good and definitely is not healthy.
Being overweight could result in having a heart problem, obese, diabetic, and many other diseases. People then, in order to maintain their health must reduce several foods in their life.

For me, I will not mind to reduce any kind of food like sea food, noodles, fried bananas or any other fried meals, any kind of meats (remember, I am a truly carnivore) … But, if I was told to never again eat CHOCOLATE or ICE CREAM… I think I will drop dead on the spot…

I do not know why…, from all my favorite food…I am a die hard fan of chocolate. I love any kind of chocolates…
I love dark chocolate
I like chocolate with almond
I like chocolate with hazelnut
I like chocolate on cakes
I like chocolate on ice cream

I hardly ever keep stock of chocolates in the refrigerator because I always feel challenged to finish them all within few minutes. LOL… Chocolate is the only thing in this world that I do not wish to share with others… Sort of like a lover, hahahaha…. Kidding…

Well, from what I read in , eating chocolate have benefits such as lower the possibility of a heart attack. However, too much eating chocolate can increasing risk of obesity. I suppose do or have things too much are not good, eh?

And if you wondering why Valentine’s day always related with chocolate, that’s because romantic old stories identifies it as an aphrodisiac. No scientific proofs, though…but is not like we are going to care about that…

So, why I do like chocolate so much?

To be honest, I have no idea… I like the combination between bitter and sweet while eating the chocolate… I love the sensation how the chocolate melted on the tongue…then down to the throat… It feels good… It also helps me to lit up my mood whenever I have PMS… Is it because the chocolate containing the sugar? Maybe anybody have any idea?
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    I suppose do or have things too much are not good, eh?

    ahahaha.. righty right! Too much of anything ain't never good :p

  2. bridge Says:

    but I do not mind having too much chocolate or ice cream!!! *sobs*

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