The decision

I met a friend few days ago. She complained that she does not know to where this life is going to lead here. She said she did not understand herself for being reluctant to marry her long time bf. They have been together for about 7 years. He is a nice guy. Very mature (he should be in this kind of age, right?). I did not ask her about whether the guy has financial stabiliy or not. It would be too pry for details. But, overall, he is a nice guy according to her. Now she is wondering whether because they have been going out for far too long, the so-called-spark between them have died out. And therefore, she could not decide whether she should marry him or not.

"Am I make the wrong decision here?" she asked me. "I was worried that those romantic movies consumed my mind, so I want everything so lovely if I do get married. I do not want to end up like my friend, marrying her long time bf, just for a month and then get divorce because they got bored to each other..."

And then she said,"I have been acting like teens. I like looking this guy in the office because he is so cute. And my heart leap everytime I saw him. Or drooling over to hot actors on TV. Am I being childish? Is there something wrong with me?"

I can not help her with this, so I just listened and sometimes give a bit of comments. I said to her, that she has to make sure, what she really wants by getting married. Some people get married just for something to rely on in the old days. Others do get married because they love each other. But most people I know getting married just to fulfill the circle of life. I am reaching certain age and therefore need to get married and have children also a must. I don't know which category she fits in... and that is including myself as well. In the end, whatever I told her, she is the one who going to make the decision.

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  1. Siu Says:

    You Know.... I guess, She found the relationship is not challenging anymore. She knew him for 7 years already, it might be enough to know everything about the guy. I also found this kind of problems quite often to some of my friend also. However, it's just maybe temporarily, at the end, they decide to marry their partner. 7 years to waste....? No way.... how much time you have spend with your partner? how many times you have sacrificed for your partner? Many memories inside their relationship, it's not that easy to decide what should do. Anyway, this only my point of view.

  2. bridge Says:

    Yes, she is afraid to find someone new, and yet she does not feel happy with the relationship... I honestly do not have any idea what is she really look for in their relationship

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