Different action, same result

One day, you received a call from your close friend in the university. She has landed herself a job while you are still unable to nail one. She asked you to have lunch together with her and you agree since you have nothing to do anyway.

In her office, she was talking with someone who is later introduced to you as your friend’s manager. Suddenly your handphone is ringing and you excuse yourself to receive it. You go outside the room to take the call but it turn out is a miscalled. You headed back to the room where you leave your friend and your manager to find out that they were talking about you:
The manager : your friend already have a job?
Your friend : no, she is still looking for one… Why? You have something on your mind?
The manager : yes, I think we need someone in administration

You are happy to hear that your friend seems want to help you get a job until you heard :
Your friend : Oh, but my friend unfamiliar with Microsoft Office…

That would be called : STABBING IN THE BACK…

Another case, you received a call to have lunch together. You come; meet your friend and her manager. And another conversation takes place as the following:

The manager : So, are you now working or still looking?
You : I am still looking… Of course I will be very grateful if you have something for me in this office
The manager : Yes, I think we have something vacant for you…
Your friend : Oh, but she is unfamiliar with Microsoft Office

Awkward moment…

The manager (stiffly) : ooooh, then you should try to make yourself familiar with it… Then, you can contact me
You : … (speechless)


Different situation, different ways, but still the result is the same. You get hurt and do not think will ever going to see that kind of friend in the future…

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Cerita beneran nih! Kalo gw, tetap nekad jawab "tp saya tipe yg cepat belajar sesuatu"-nita gitu lho! Wkwkwkwkwk

  2. kakagembil Says:

    hahahaha, kalo yona langsung bilang... saya ga familiar tapi saya gape banget ama mic. office pak :D

  3. bridge Says:

    yg penting itu first impression lagi... Gue sering bilang, I am a fast learner afterwards, and still have no effect whatsoever...

  4. bridge Says:

    hahaha... si Yona.....:D Gue pernah ngibul soalnya bilang bisa apa deh gitu... pas di tes, gak bisa... hahahahahah. Sejak saat itu kapok ngibul2

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