Face off with the stingy

A friend of mine once tells me a story about this stingy person in her office. At first she did not notice how stingy this person was… Until the following things that she finally aware of:
1. Tissue
Being single and live alone, my friend always makes sure that all her expenses were controlled. So, she predicted that in a month she would be spending a certain amount of money to buy few packs of tissue to be used in the office. Since she has been doing this for several years, obviously she finally noticed that her tissue ran out faster than usual because of this stingy person. This person keeps on coming to her desk taking her tissue every now and then…
And the Stingy even dare to ask her,”Hey, where is your tissue? I need it!”

2. Luncheon
Once in a while, my friend likes to go out to have lunch. She can not say no when the Stingy wants to go out with her.
The problem is, whenever they arrive in the restaurant the Stingy would said that she forgot her pursue. Eventually my friend has to cover for the meal. And later, when my friend asked the Stingy to return the money, she would say she forgot to bring the money or she would do it later…. And finally my friend gave up

3. Snacks
I noticed how thin my friend was because it turn out she has decided not to prepare a stock of snacks in her drawer. She was not the one who finished the snacks but her stingy colleague successfully wipes out her stocks… Tragic… She finally getting slim not only physically but also her wallet…

She has been telling me that story for months and I simply listen… Because once I was facing a person sort of like her colleague. This person keep on screaming at me and the others to give a treat in a fancy restaurant. Which is why I keep avoiding to meet this person due to that reason. I was unable to say rudely that I do not like to be asked like that all the times. So, eventually I told my friend to do the same. Considering that it is her colleague and she will seeing her everyday… But, she could try a drastic tactic if she really can not stand it anymore… She agreed… Few weeks later, she gave me the report.

As usual, they went out together to lunch outside the office. They entered the restaurant and before they order meals, my friend asked: “Hey, you bring cash, right? I only have limited amount, only to pay my own meals and transportation back to the office”

The stingy flabbergasted and said,”What? Why in the heck you only bring limited amount of money? I do not bring any…”

My friend calmly said,”I saw the ATM over there… I can wait for you to take it while we ordering something to eat…”

The (not so surprise) replied from Stingy was,”But I did not bring my ATM… What should we do? We have ordered the meal…”

Standing up my friend called the waiter and apology first before cancelling the order. They went out and the stingy grumbled,”You humiliated us! How can we ever going back to this restaurant?”

My friend said…that was the starving moment ever…but also the most satisfying moment in her life…

Sometimes, we just need to stand up for ourselves… Being nice, does not mean you are allowing other people walk all over you…
2 Responses
  1. ME Says:

    Great idea, worth to try :) Why I never think about the idea like that :)

  2. bridge Says:

    Hahahahaha... Ideas usually emerge when we really in desperate need

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