in wait we learn

If you heard the word “WAITING”, what is the first that cross your mind?
1. Oh my God, I have to spend another useless hours … what should I do now?!
2. What will be the result? Can I know it now?
3. How come they do this to me? Why can’t they see me on time? Don’t they appreciate me?
4. Why can’t I have it now? I want it now!
5. Fine… I will use this moment to finish reading this book … or I don’t know… I will find something useful to do
6. Great, I can chat and browse and be totally alone with my Blackberry and have no interruption

Well, I guess most of us hate waiting… Either that waiting for someone who has made an appointment with us or waiting for a doctor who seems have other important engagement. Waiting makes us in agony process as we have no idea about the result from waiting… Will that someone finally come? If not, then what happened to that someone? Is that someone has an accident? Or worse, they just simply forget about the appointment? And where is this doctor? Does he have other assignment? If yes, can we find out about it now rather than waiting in despair whether the doctor is going to show up or otherwise?

But sometimes in life, to have something that we really want then we have to go through the waiting process. A writer can’t just become famous in a day. This person probably has to go through so many rejections before finally able to publish the book. And the book will not be automatically accepted by the reader… It might take longer times. It can be years. If the writer is not patient enough to endure the waiting process, I suppose he or she will fall into a disappointment.
Or another person have to wait for years before people finally aware that his or her creation (it could be the cooking or fashion attires) and adore it. A scientist have to wait for years before finding out that his or her finding can help a lot of people…

We (that including me) often find the waiting process is the most torturing thing to do. In the dark we have to wait in despair whether we do the right thing or otherwise. The not knowing moment is unbearable. Some of us prefer the instant way or short cut. It is hard for us to realize that the waiting process is to teach us about so many things. That we should appreciate things when we finally have them and that is our choice to have it with that way.

I can only hope that this time I will be able to endure the waiting process… Enough for me to learn that there is no such things called useless and how to appreciate what we have.
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