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When Korean TV drama first hit Indonesia, me and my parents were among those who glued on our local tv station to follow the series. Finally, unable to bear our eagerness to find out the ending, my Dad decided to buy the VCD player (yes, it was still the age of VCD player instead of DVD’s) …

However, none of them want to try to learn to play the VCD player by themselves. I remembered that it was weekend, so I was at home all day starting from Saturday up to Sunday. I was like this movie operator for them. Movie in VCD is not like in DVD. One disc of DVD is able to contain up to 7 movies. While a disc in VCD only able to contain for an episode or one movie only. So, basically my job’s description is to be prepared in stand-by mode whenever an episode is finish then hurry up continue with another…

When I protested this kind of arrangement, my parents simply said that:
I am old, is hard for me to read the manual
I am old, is hard for me to figure out which button to push
I am old, I can’t remember what you have thought me to
What’s the point of having a kid at home when you can’t tell them what to do? (huh?)

What more can I say?? Is not like that I am going anywhere that weekend…

But eventually, Monday is coming and I have to be in the office again… After spending hours that seems like forever, I hurried to go home in order to be able to watch the next chapter of the Korean drama series … You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that my parents have watched the series to the last episode and do not bother to wait for me.

Wait… They watched the series by themselves? Who helped them with the VCD player?

“Oh, we did it by ourselves,” my Mom answered with her glowing face.

What? Then what about all the crap about being old and can’t read the manual and such?

“Well, you are here yesterday… So, why should we bother to do it by ourselves?” this time my Dad answered my question. “Don’t be ridiculous…”

I see.

Lessons from the above story:

If you have someone else to be bossy around, then why bother to do it yourself?

If you really want to do it, then there is nothing that can stop you…

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