Let's eat!

If you wish to give your friend a treat in a restaurant, what is the thing that drive you make that decision?

Well…first, you probably have something to be celebrated. Like a birthday, a farewell, a promotion… or whatever… And you wish to celebrate it with your friends or people around you…

After deciding which person that you wish to invite, the next thing on your mind is where you are going to give a treat… Will it be in a Indonesian restaurant, or Chinese restaurant, or Japanese, Indian, or just take them to fast food outlet? Why you should bother to think about the place? Well, that is because some of your friends might be a vegetarian or allergic to sea food. You want everybody have a great time so you wish to make sure that everybody can enjoy the meal.

What about if you are the one who got invited? Maybe your friend is having a birthday, or your colleague celebrate his or her promotion or someone in your office leaving to another company and take you and other colleagues to dine out. Will you be asking your friend or your colleague to make sure that they pick the place where you can eat the meal? Certainly not, right? That would be totally rude and crazy. The person who invites you must already aware that several of the invitee unable to eat certain meat…

So, I can understand the excuse of not wanting to go because you can’t eat the meal due to medical reason or because you are allergic… But I always surprise when people told me that the reason they do not want to go because they do not know about the food and they are certain will not like it at all… So, they choose not to go…

Now, before I continue… I am sure you all read that my main hobby is eating, right? So, naturally I feel like…WHAT??? What kind of excuse is that? You refuse to go just because you are not familiar with the food? You are certain not to like the food that you have no idea whatsoever…

I always think is a great opportunity to dine in a place that I have no idea about…on the occasion that I was being treated by someone! I can find out whether the meal is good or not… and if not, then I have nothing to loose… Besides, being invited means that the person wants me to have fun…so, it would be crazy to refuse the kind offer … Am I right?

So, if you and your friends being treated in a new restaurant and turn out that the meals is totally disaster…try to keep it to yourself… Don’t say it to your friend,”Thanks for bringing me here… But the food is terrible… So, next time…don’t take me here again…”

I can assure you, you will not be invited… ever again…, in anywhere or in any occasion.

Just enjoy the experience… and try to open your eyes, heart and of course…your tongue to something new…

Let’s EAT!!!!
2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Itadakimasuu :q

    Kalo elo senangnya ditraktir makanan apa nih? :D

  2. bridge Says:

    gue? justru kalau lagi ditraktir gue seneng makanan yg gw gak tau :D
    Tapi namanya juga ditraktir...gue sih terserah aja dimana :)

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