Never Give Up

Have you ever feel hesitation when you are in the middle of the road? Like you want to visit a far away place that you have no idea about… Then in the middle of the journey you suddenly feel a slight of doubt. Should I just go back? What if I stumble along the way? What if I find many obstacles that prevent me in reaching my destination? Maybe it will be better for me to stop here and return to the place that I have known very well?

Or should I keep on going to this unknown destination? Just go with the flow… Deal with the obstacles ahead… Like perhaps get lost along the way… I may try to ask for direction though I need to process the information whether it will lead me to the destination or misleading… The journey may take a bit longer than I was expecting… I may get disappointed to find things are not as easy as I thought it would be… And yet, I am still continuing the journey…

It is the same thing when we have a dream or goal in our life. In reaching for it, we will have doubts, fear and face many challenges… We often think that it may be best for us to quit. But, if we just quit in the middle of our journey…will we able to look ourselves in the mirror in the future? Hey, I am the person who once has this dream but decided to quit… Can’t we stop think in the future, what would be happened to us if we keep on pursuing the dream? Will I have more regrets for not continuing the journey to reaching my dream or for all the times and efforts that I have spent? Of course for not knowing whatever waiting for us in the end of the road, we may feel frustrated as the road is not easy for us to go. We may wondering, did I make the right choice to go there… Is this the right path for me to reach my destination?

But after all the efforts, you finally made it to the destination… No matter what the result will be…we should not feel that we have done pointless thing. So we can’t reach it within…say a year…while others only need few months… It’s the journey to get there that matter. We will treasure it the moment when we finally reach the destination. Once we reached it, we will appreciate it knowing is hard to get there…

So, are we going to quit now while we are in the middle of the journey? Or should we continue with all strength and prayers that we have?

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