Question that not need to be asked (if you do not wish to hear sincere answer)

Am I fat?
Well, you asked the question…it means you sort of realize that you are overweight. Do you really need to torture your friend by asking that? And if you ask that question, are you doing that to seek ways in reducing your weight or simply wants a comfort answer… Imagine your friends staring at you fidgeting to try simplify the right answer… If that is your motive in questioning your friends, perhaps you should ask mirror on the wall…

Am I ugly?
Ooouchh… Why in the heck do you ask that kind of question? AM I UGLY? Are you serious? You really want to know? Really?
If you already think yourself ugly, then why bother to ask people around the town to confirm it? Do you need another confirmation to low your self esteem? And if they are really your friends, do you think they are going to answer that? Don’t involve other people to your misery…
Your true friends will say the other way around because they see what’s in you instead of your physical appearance… That is, if you really as ugly as you think

Am I stupid?
Gosh, what kind of question is that? So, you asked other people and then they answer cruelly but truly…YES YOU ARE! You can’t even finish this simple task…or you can’t even understand this simple plan… If that is the answer, then what will you do? You are going to break down and cry and drowning yourself even more?
I guess if you failed in something that does not necessarily label you stupid… Find out what is wrong and get on with the solution. Rather than wasting your time asking thing that should not have been asked.
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Untuk pertanyaan pertama yang : am i fat? ituu.. belon tentu yang nanya itu bener2 overweight lhoo..

    Btw, emang elo sering ditanyain ketiga pertanyaan itu yaa? Kayanya elo esmosi bener di postingan ini, ahahaha :p

  2. bridge Says:

    emberrrr... dulu ada yg suka nanya2 ini ke gue... Dan itu bener.... yg nanya pertanyaan nomor 1 itu gak bener2 gemuk....

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