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A friend of mine told me a story about her room mate who dating this younger guy for about 5 years now. Nothing wrong with the age difference is just my friend and it seems the rest of the world knows that this guy does not love that woman. He is only using her to get more money or to have things that probably will be given to his real girlfriend. Many people have told her room mate to watch with that guy, but she did not want to listen. Until finally, her roommate find out about this guy having other girl friend, they have a fight and break up. All her friends were so happy and glad that she finally dumps that guy. But my friend’s roommate seems unable to forget him. So my friend and other people try to cheer her up by taking her to sightseeing or hang out at the café… They were all hoping this woman would soon get over that useless guy. After all the efforts, my friend roommate’s suddenly inform everyone that she is back with that guy. She said she is so used to him already; she can not bear a life without that guy. My friend and the others were so pissed they decided they will have nothing to do with that woman.
“Let her fall into the deepest hole…,”One of the friends said. “Maybe after that she will realize how worthless that guy really is…”

I think there are several lessons that we can take from the above story.

First, though we have been taught to believe with our capability and such, often others can spot it better than us. Like we think we can sing beautifully. Others who listened to our voice say the other way around. We may say that those people only jealous with our capability. But when 11 from 10 people said that we have a voice like a chicken squeaking …then you might try to reconsider that you have no talent in singing.
Of course when someone gives a feedback, we may ask him or her what to do to make it better… If someone really cares to give a feedback, she or he will at least have a decency to tell you what to do next or proofs from the information that they have given you… Don’t think because others do not approve you they are just automatically jealous at you.

Second, talking from my own experience as well…sometimes we have getting used to something or situation. To get out from the situation or to let go that something, is too frightening to us. We are facing with the uncertainty. So, what to do next? Can I have something new or be in a total different situation? What if I can not find it? What if that something new is not going to give me comfort? What if that situation is making me worst than I already am?
Well, though is easier said than done… at least we try, right? So, we will have no regret and definitely not wasting a precious time to something that do not makes us happy.

Third, our friend and we included, is not our own parents, an angel, or God. There is a limit to the thing called patience. If we or they have been trying so hard to open this sort of lost soul to change their wrong destination to the correct one…and that person does not listening at all…they would probably say, oh well…maybe this lost soul should feel the experience by first hand before realizing the harsh truth. It took a very big heart for a friend to stick by their lost soul’s friend until that person able to find the right way ;)

Life is a school to learn a lot of thing, isn’t it?

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  1. kakagembil Says:

    yup school of life priceless ya mba ri ;)

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  3. mercy Says:

    test comment

  4. mercy Says:

    mantaf la..udah bisa jadi kolomnis kali ni,..gantian sama samuel mulia beneran!...

  5. i think when we're an outsider, we'll get to see anything better, and able to think more rationally, because technically, we're not in the circle of that problem, so we can easily put our head over heart. Though, it's a lot harder if we are the one with the problem.

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