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When I was much, much younger, I love going to a wedding party. Seeing the bride glowing in her white dress, the groom look nervous, the parents look anxious…, the bridesmaid look annoyed with their dresses… And we the children get to wear fancy dress and just do whatever we want….

Then I grow up, and I hate attending wedding’s party. Well, except my friend’s wedding party of course. I just hate that I have to prepare the dress, what to wear, what to wear with, oh which bag I have to use… Why my hair is a mess …. In short, the preparation could take hours while I will only be there for minutes… 1 hour is the maximum time.

My consolation is hunting food and ice cream at the party. Or at least have a chit chat time with my friends. Looking at guys or people who pretend they do not know that there is a long line of people queuing to have their meals… People who takes too much of food just to toss it on an empty table…. While guests who come late will find out that they have nothing to eat…

One embarrassing moment I remembered was when I attending a wedding party with my Dad. It was his colleague’s wedding party so he has to go. The party being held in an area that we have no idea where it is… After driving for a few hours, finally we arrived there. There is a big building and it seems there were two different wedding parties. I asked my Dad what are the name of the couple. He remembered his colleague’s name obviously. And I look at the announcement in front of one side of the building. Hmmm, it seems we were in the right place. So, as usual we sign off the guest book, put an envelope containing the wedding gift to the box preparing for that. And then we started to approach the couple. Within meters, my Dad suddenly realized we entered the wrong party. The most annoying part, my Dad calmly told me to get the envelope back while he headed to the next building. Hiding my frustration, I asked nicely to the people guarding the box that I need the envelope back as we have entered a wrong party. It turn out, both grooms have a same name. Luckily for me, the envelope was sort of stuck and we could get it out easily. But the envelope was badly torn and to replace that I have to go to the nearest mini market. Since that on, we read the couple’s name carefully on the invitation before we go to any wedding party.

Anybody want to share some experiences? :D
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