Watching old people

Learning from the old people :

When we were a lot younger, seeing old people it was like seeing another form coming from far away planets in the universe. They do not understand what the heck we are talking about. They disapproved with everything that we decide. They dislike our taste on fashion. They hate our preference in music. In short, we have nothing in common.

Finally, I learn a bit more about old people, when my own parents slowly reaching to the age of being ancient...or scary old.

I find out that they (well, again...these findings does not apply to all!) :

1. Feel offended when we suggested them to use a walking staff or wheelchair...
Their comment will be : What, I am that slow to you? (you think???)

2. Forgetful
One time they say another 5 minutes they will say something different... And afterwards we will have huge arguments about what previously have been said versus the new version...

3. In-decisive
Unable to make up their mind, especially for something that still long far ahead in the future

4. Memory set back to the past
They can remember exactly what happened in the past as a contradiction from being forgetful on current matters...

Additionally, they are (again, like I always says from time to times, being old does not automatically means they are any wiser):
1. Manner...
Try to pass your elders without greets them... They will offended...and will give you long lecture about how we should have manner etc, etc, etc
I kinda like it... Because I am not easy to chat with new people, greeting is my way to open a conversation with strangers...

2. Punctual
If they are not forgetful, they are very punctual and do not like to keep other people waiting or waiting for others...
The bad news from this, since they are a bit slow now...they prefer to go much earlier .... Like for example, if the plane leaving around 11 AM, they will insist to depart from the house at 7 AM!!! it's not like the airport located in some far away island or something!

3. Discipline
Being punctual actually is one ways of them being discipline. They sort of stick to the rule and therefore surprise when other people do not do the same thing!

4. Committed
When they said they want to do something, they usually do it and fully committed

5. A bit of a neat freak...
Though their sight not as good as the younger days, they can always spot a tiny dust lying on the table from meters away

Anybody wants to add something?? Considering this is the fact that we are headed in a few years to come .... HEHEHEH
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