Which one is saying the truth?

Once upon a time, there are three people living side by side in one neighborhood. They are Myra, Jessica and Darren. Myra is the head of the neighborhood. One day, Myra told Jessica that Darren said something bad about her. Jessica was surprised and taken aback because all these time she has encountered zero problems with Darren. Well, they have disagreement once in a while but never really fatal.

Until about a year later, Jessica decided to ask Darren about this, and Darren said he never said anything like that.

I sometimes always wonder about this. Let us just say that Darren did say something not nice about Jessica behind her back to Myra. Did he say that because Jessica once hurt him and he feel awkward to respond directly to her? Though Myra is not close with Jessica, but surely he would not think that Myra is going to keep that as a secret? Or maybe he wants Myra to inform that to Jessica?

If Darren said the truth that he did not say things like that, then what was Myra up to by lying to Jessica about it? Did she want a confrontation between Jessica and Darren? Or maybe she knows that Jessica will hesitate to ask that to Darren? Does Myra enjoy seeing the awkward relationship between Jessica and Darren? From Jessica; thinking why on earth Darren saying like that to Myra and not just to her… And while Darren (if he did not say anything) get confuse why Jessica sort of keep her distance?

Life is complicated :D I guess along the way we will meet with the above situation. Perhaps rather than keeping it to ourselves for years, maybe it will be better if we just ask the person to clear up the matter, fast. It will do us no good to keep on wondering which one is saying the truth and which one is not.

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