Today, I was on my way to go see the movie with my friend. Then two teenagers passing me by and I heard one of them asked this,” What kind of movie is THE A-TEAM?”
Then her friend told her,” Is a remake from this old tv series… You know, like Mc Gyver?”

I almost laugh in vain after hear the term “OLD” for THE A-TEAM. But then again, like my friend said THE A-TEAM is much older than Mc Gyver. So, it can be called classic movie already;) I remember watching the tv series every time at night after studying. I was still in elementary school and thanks God that movie was not on air after 10 PM. Otherwise, I would not be able to see it. I love the comedy and action and the suspense… Help me to ease my nerve during examination, just to remember the funny scenes.
And now I am on my way to see this “OLD” movie with my friend, for remembering the old time.

The basic story from The A-Team is IMHO, more or less the same with Robin Hood. Outlaws for crime they did not commit, and during their hiding from the government they provide helps for people in need.

Liam Neeson as Colonel Hannibal, is way too serious compare with George Peppard. While Sharlto Copley as Captain Murdock is not as crazy as Dwight Schultz. B.A by Quinton “Rampage” Jackson not as mean as Mr T . Bradley Cooper is as cute as Dirk Benedict being Lieutenant Faceman.
The story? Oh the usual formula. Actions, treachery, comedy, romance, blowing up ship, but not so much blood all over the place. The information about why B.A. so afraid of flying especially if Murdock is the one who flying the plane. Well, it will need an insane man to be able to fly any kind of plane to escape from bad guys and do all crazy maneuvers. Since, they are still on the run from the military when the movie ended; I assume there will be a sequel in the future.

Ah, the good old days …. And finally to hear that sentences,” I love it when a plans come together”

2 Responses
  1. ge siahaya Says:

    Awww..... I miss the A-Team.... *terharu gw baca resensi ini, wkwkwkwkwk... ingat masa-masa itu nonton bareng2 rame2, ahaha!* Ada Amy-nya juga ga?

  2. bridge Says:

    maksudnya Amy di film? Gak ada lahhhhhhhh :D

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