Bag, bag and bag

I always love big bags, ever since I was younger. Of course, in my younger days I used backpack to carry my things, which most of them are books.

Then when I was working, it was a bit of a hassle to bring big bags to the office. One of the reasons, the big bag occupied most available space in my drawer in the office. As the result, I was unable to put my files inside the drawer. Since all files are confidential, naturally the big bag must be out of the way. Plus, it was not easy to bring bag while I was trying to be inside the crowded bus. The big bag often got stuck in the middle of other passangers.

There were times; I prefer to bring these sling bags... 
Because I could put quite a lot of stuffs and not so much hassle for me to bring.  I could put my little notepad, small umbrella (though is totally useless whenever heavy rain pouring down on earth), my cellphone, comb, small mirror, powder and lipstick. Yeah, yeah…. I know is impossible. But I bring that tiny little miny bitsy powder container…so, yes they are all fit.

Nowadays, I am back with the big bag. And this one is my favorite right now. I can put almost about everything. Not only my small umbrella (yes, the umbrella is still the small one… What do you think?), my (bigger) notepad, my BB including the charger (what can I say? I am very addicted to it), my Ipod, and of course digital camera (pocket’s size, mind you). Women’s best friends such as lipstick, powder, eye shadow, tissue (dry and wet, which one do you want?) are also included… 
And to make them organized, I put them all in my organizer bag. How cute is that? 

So, which one are you?

2 Responses
  1. blackhuff Says:

    I was not a bag girl at all when I was younger. It is only recently when I discovered the joy and not so joyfull things about a bag. I'm more of a sling bad woman.

  2. bridge Says:

    hahaha... yeah, I guess the older I get, bigger bag is better for me:)

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