Behind the smile

I only saw the glimpse of an episode DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES… about how every characters in that movie were about to take a picture together. All of them were smiling or making funny face. Nobody really knows what they were hiding behind that smile.

So, what are we smiling about in this life?
1. Just one of those happy days like you can do everything and nothing can ever stop you…
2. A victorious smile as we manage to reach our goal or becoming a champion :D
3. A relief smile as we finally find a way to solve our problem
4. A smile while greeting someone else, usually infectious…though depends on the person who receive the smile
5. A sad smile, try to hide the sad feeling inside and just put that smile on the face
6. A forced smile, really find nothing to be smiled about but for the sake of being polite…
7. Vicious smile, enjoying the bad things that happen to other people…
8. Warning smile, like I-Know-what-you-really-are-so-do-not-mess-with-me kind of smile… Well, you get the idea

What’s your reason to smile?
4 Responses
  1. o Says:

    to make people happy! :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Gw termasuk org yg jarang tersenyum lbh suka tertawa!mungkin krn gw gak suka berbasa-basi.....jd senyumku biasanya krn sopan-santun aja....sera-nita

  3. Anonymous Says:

    just to justify myself and let the sorrow go for a while.....

  4. ge siahaya Says:

    When i see something funny, when i hear my nephews say something hillarious, huheuheuhuee... biasanya siy sambil langsung ngakak..

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