Coffee and me

I am not a coffee lover actually. Long time ago (I make it sound like it has been ages ago) I drank coffee only to stay awake while studying for exams. And not that bitter kind of coffee. But usually I have mixed it with milk and sugar. I just need the effect to stay awake until late at night. Though I becoming drowsy due to lack of sleep in the next morning is another story.

Then one day, I made mistake by drinking both coffee and medicine for flue. Can you imagine, the other one is to make us stay awake for as long as possible. The other one is to make us get some rest by sleeping… I have problem with my heart at that time. And is enough to make me scared and stay away from drinking coffee.

Then years after, a friend of mine introduce me to the world of coffee again. She asked me to drink with her at Starbuck. At first, I did not want to because I think is expensive. And…hello…? I do not like coffee, remember? So, she told me to drink Frappuccino as it is not all coffee. And you know what? Since I have been avoiding coffee for ages, the drink which contain probably so little of coffee gave me bad effect. I was unable to sleep. For TWO DAYS! Can’t you believe that?! And the worst part was, those two days were not on weekend but still on working days. So, I spent two cranky days being so grumpy. As all I wanted to do just find something for me to sleep on. But I could not do that because I have works to do. The ridiculous part was to avoid being sleepy in the office, eventually I bought a cup of coffee to stay awake. LOL! My friend turn off her handphone everytime she took me to have a drink to Starbuck. As I would be calling her or texting her to inform that I CAN’T SLEEP! THANKS FOR THE COFFEE!

Nowadays, though I still unable to drink bitter hot coffee, I love going to the café for a cup of Frappuccino or hot chocolate milk. I like spending time alone, reading book or writing something. Enjoying all of that with no disturbance. (Unless someone sitting beside me bring a toddler or a rascal who keep on screaming on top of their voice). Other time, I like to have chit chat time with my friends while having a hot latte. The coffee shop brought us together even though we have different flavor. My friend love Caramel Macchiato, I love blended Frappuccino, the other loves Latte…

So, come on alls… Let us have a cup of coffee and spending time together… ^____^
4 Responses
  1. o Says:

    hahaha jadi inget cerita gw ke itali cuma ada espreso, jadi pulang dr itali cuma mempan pake yg kental2 gitu (walopun pake gula & susu juga sih). ancurr skrg gw kecanduan kopi :p

  2. bridge Says:

    gue sih belom kecanduan... Jangan sampe... Tapi gue tetap pengen terus minum kopi :D supaya gak kejadian tidak bisa tidur 2 hari cuman gara2 minum kopi

  3. sera-nita Says:

    hehehehehe....I'm coffee lover! kopi hitam, kopi susu, kopi apa aja dech aku suka. Dan untungnya gak pengaruh sama keinginan tidur, mungkin karna emang suka begadang ya..entah minum kopi atau tidak. Dan itu sudah mulai sejak smp, saat hamil pun minum kopi tetap jalan hanya saja dibatasi 1 cangkir sehari...

  4. sera-nita Says:

    hehehehe, aku penyuka kopi....sangat. sejak smp sudah mulai ngopi bahkan saat hamil pun tetap ngopi hanya saja dibatasi 1 cangkir saja...

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