Emotion scammers

On my previous posting, I talked about scammers. My online friend reminded me that I miss one type of scams. That is romance scam.

We often go online on a chat room and talked with anyone there. After a while, we only talked to one person… After a while, we become close… We talked more about private life and get more intimate… And without we realize, we becoming emotionally dependent to this person that we have never met before.

I remembered I try to be open mind and starting to go to the chat room. Finally get a new friend who called himself : Mark Smith. Just another ordinary name, right? So, I tried to ask him, does he has any middle name or third name…. He answered simply, that his name only Mark Smith. I started to get suspected…but not until my friend told me a story. She said, there was this show on Oprah about women who got scammed by people who pretend to be someone else. They use pictures from a-not-well-known-model to trick us. I mean, who does not like to have cute handsome pretty face friends?

These people can be a woman disguise themselves as a man, or a man pretending as a woman… Either way, they play with our emotion and listen to all our stories… Wait until the right moment then they strike with plea for help (or should I say : money)… We will give anything that they asked because we have put our trust to them.

I was told that these people keep very good files on every victims. Like for example, if I am one of their victim, they will keep records on every mails and details of my life that I have poured out. Every tiny little details, so whenever I am online these people will be ready with the story of my life. Isn’t that amazing? Amazingly disturbing, yet… still very thoroughly.

Since they used photos that are not belongs to them, they will not update their profile photo frequently. Well, you know… we like to add photos of our friends and families. These people will not. And even if they do, if will only be a one time thing.

I can’t give advice how to avoid these people… I mean, no matter how careful we are…someday we are (hopefully NOT) going to fall… But, thank God my friend and I do not have enough money to be scattered around to strangers. And therefore, when one of our acquaintances asked for money we just laugh out loud and never replied their mails again. We almost fall into their tricks. They seems nice, and chatty but they really screwed up when asking for money to me and my friends. Meaning, they obviously did not really care about what we told them. If they do care, they will know that we are not rich enough to spend money on strangers.

Hopefully, all of us can’t avoid of being lured to their scam… As these people playing with our emotion and know that though we may seems tough… but we still need someone that we can trust and talk to. Just be aware and be safe.
7 Responses
  1. blackhuff Says:

    It's scary what people will do these days to steal from you. Very interesting article.

  2. bridge Says:

    yes it is... It is not about the money but the messing out with our emotional... That is the suck one...

  3. o Says:

    try this website to get tips how to kick those scammers back :) http://www.419eater.com/ kalo lagi gak ada kerjaan aja sih hehehe

  4. o Says:

    kalo lagi gak ada kerjaan, coba aja tips2 di sini utk bales para scammers itu ;) http://www.419eater.com/

  5. bridge Says:

    thanks ya Onit :) Gue malah gak tau elo pernah komen... Gue pikir elo click doang karena kan elo bilang lagi sibuk

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It happen here anyway... my friend's friend (apparently he is handsome and had a very nice photo profile) someone took his photo and put it as his own profile....

  7. bridge Says:

    that is so not cool... How did you friend find out that there is other people using his photo?

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