Emotionally nuts

I once asked my friend, why the story and dialogues on Indonesian soap operas are all err… annoying?

She then told me that someone has told her the necessity in the dialogue. The keyword is : EMOTION.
Audience does not to see local soap operas have story lines like American TV series such as House, CSI, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives… No need logical stories, or witty dialogues… Just play with the emotion and you will get number one soap opera around the nation.

Well, I can not argue with that… Come to think of it… The so-called-keyword : Emotion does work to the audience…

Like for example:

The antagonist character is screaming on top of her lungs to the pain-searcher-protagonist character who keep on crying.
Emotion does being capture by the audience. Only there are differences.
The loving fans naturally feel moved by the hopeless situation by the useless heroine and feel anger to the antagonist.
Me? I feel headache by both of the characters and I can already imagine my hand grabbing them and break their neck just to stop the screaming and the crying. Emotion does pouring out of me…only in a different way.

The antagonist character is on the run from the police with her boyfriend. She got shot by the police on her leg. But still manage to run to the hospital. Then insist the doctor to perform surgery to move the bullet. Miraculously, the surgery went well and she asked her boyfriend to take her home immediately. Eventually the police already surrounded the house and she gallantly denied everything. When the police said that they have shot her, she show her leg and OF COURSE there was no wound whatsoever. To add more proofs that she was not the one who got shot, she even DANCE in front of the law enforcement.

Well, what else do you expect?
The loving fans of course getting annoyed… Saying wow good things always happen to bad people… How can she escape just like that… In short, they can not wait to see bad thing happen to the bad person.
Me? Oh well… what can I say… I am totally impressed that by the second the surgery finished, the person already able to run and even dancing!

Anyway, I can go on and on with the list but I will stop here.

I do however want to give my salute to everyone that has created all those stories as they really do know how to capture the audience’s emotion. They really know how to make best production ever.

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