The fallen idol

We sometimes think too highly on people that we like or idolize…

We like this actor because he is playing as someone who is nice and decent in one of his movie. We think he is as nice as his role play in the movie in the real life. We worship him and yes in the beginning he does seem like a nice person. He involve in many charities, helpful and caring with the kids, never say anything bad to the press…until finally someday he slip. It turn out he use his charm and popularity to do scam to lots of people.

Many people who adores him of course becoming very disappointed. They have built this image that he is a very good person, a person that they can look up to. All his doing is nothing but good and really someone that we can rely on for the name of morality. And when their imagination crush tumbling down…those people becoming angry. This person has destroy their fantasy.

Wondering why we did not see that coming? I mean the person that we idolize is the same person as we are. Yes, sure they have other talents that we obviously do not have. But that does not we should over rated them. That does not mean they will not makes mistakes or have bad habits. That does not mean they are pure and have no sin in their life.

If we see them just like any other human being, then perhaps we will not be so devastated to find out that they are not as good as we think. Unless they wipe another human being in cold blood, I will say…they just simply human. Like the rest of us…

Live with it… and get on with your life….

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