Favorite spot

If you go to the café to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or whatever…you will probably have a favorite spot to sit, right? I mean, you did not go to that café once a year… You go there almost every week. Either with your friends or just go there alone.

So, here are the things that becoming my consideration to make that spot my favorite nest:

1. Sofa
I love sitting on the soft couch or sofa… My favorite sofas located at Starbuck Plaza Senayan. Whenever my friend and I went there, we anxiously look for that sofa. Hoping in vain that nobody sit there… There are two sofas facing each other and separated by a small table. The location is at the corner of the café, near the window glass. Enable you to sit and relax and watching people passing you by.
I love sitting there, and after few minutes I would curl in that sofa…as if it was mine only…

2. Electrical socket (or in Indonesian : stop kontak listrik, please see this link *)
I totally need to be near it to re-charge my gadgets… So, I will be able to have a chit chat with my friends through my BB or do something else with my laptop… And my company is a hot Hazelnut Latte… Ah, that is soo beautiful

3. Hidden space
Often, a café have this kind of hidden spot, which people will not be able to notice if they are a first timer. If I hang out with more than two or three friends, we prefer to sit there. You know very well if there are four women sit together and have a chat, we are not going to have a conversation with low volume. Unless we are talking about someone who is happen to be there as well, but chances are slim. Sitting in the hidden place, will not bother other customers…until they choose to sit near us…

4. At the corner
If I go to the café alone, then I prefer to sit at the corner. Don’t know why but I just like it that way instead of seated in the middle of other tables. I feel comfortable to do my own things. Reading or writing anything that cross my mind…

So, what kind of favorite spot that you have in mind?

*) http://www.proz.com/kudoz/english_to_indonesian/electronics_elect_eng/2474897-convenience_receptacles.html
2 Responses
  1. ge siahaya Says:

    Ufh.... definitely Sofa! Ahahaha... sambil baca buku, wakaka.. ga bakalan pindah deh!

  2. bridge Says:

    terus deket stop kontak.... udah deh.... tambah gak inget pulang

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