Grumpy the series : Manners, please...

People always says that youngster especially nowadays teens does not have manner. At first glance, I would have to say that I agree…

I mean look at them at public places. They often walk side by side with their so-called gank… They do not care that there are other people walking by from opposite direction. We are the one who have to step aside, or just let them bumping into us… Naturally they do not care or even dare make faces as if we are the one who stood in their way.

Another time, a friend of mine with her hubby saw a very beautiful girl probably around 15 years old screaming called names to the waiter. The reason for the inappropriate behavior was the restaurant totally booked and she has to wait to be seated. Her words coming from that beautiful face…totally contradicted everything. And she seems enjoyed the fact that all visitors in the restaurant staring at her viciously.

But all these grudges were vanished when I saw with my own eyes how we the older people can turn the angelic little creature to devil sent from hell.

A bunch of kids and their parents were in the mall together eating snacks. After finished with the snack, the mother (with all those jewelries and a Blackberry) just threw the empty wrapper on the floor. When one of her kid tried to pick up the empty wrapper she yanked the little boy and snapped. The older kid asked her mother why she was so angry as her brother just want to put the wrapper into the trash bin provided by the mall. You know what that lady said?
“OH WHO CARES!! They have people who will clean this up… Garbage is not our problem… Now, we have to wash your brother’s hands!”

(Oh boooy… they surely going to be the number one trash provider later in the far away future…)

Or another time… I was queuing to buy a burger and standing with other people separated by chains to create several lines. My position was at the right counter from three counters available for the customers. Suddenly from the corner of my right eye, I noticed a young mother with her little daughter. Since I was wearing my IPOD she must have thought that I would not be able to listen. She has no idea I put the volume at the lowest level. She told her daughter to sneak in front of me! When her daughter answered her about other people already queuing first, her mother gave her a not-so-good advice,” So? You want to have your meal sooner, right? Go on… I am sure nobody would mind if you just sneak in front of them… Then I will follow you from behind…”
Still pretending not to hear, but I made sure that girl and her disgraceful mother would never ever sneak in front of me.

This posting is not going to blame that all parents are totally responsible for their children’s attitude. The above examples were just from events that made me realize children or teens are not just born obnoxious or without manner. But they must be learning that horrendous behavior from someone that close to them. Someone or more than one person who justify that kind of behavior. And being young they just swallow everything and think is okay with that.

Really sad for me to see people so beautiful in their physical appearance but have no brain about manner and such.

Or maybe I am just being grumpy again?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    (or maybe i am just being grumpy again?) no..... most of my students come with worst manner than that, and sadly, some of the student's parent..... (yeaaaah.... like that). They are beautiful? Maybe, but i believe they were not naturally comes beautiful. Well, you're not alone - Wei-

  2. bridge Says:

    I am here with you, girl friend.... *sobs*

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