Hard diet

Yesterday my niece was admitted to the hospital because she passed out suddenly. When she was brought to the hospital, doctor told her family that she was heavy dehydrated. It turn out my niece, who obsessed to keep her slim body has been on an overdosed diet. She only eat once a day in order to avoid getting fat. And to make the matter worse, she hardly let any fluid into her body. So, she has stomach problem and of course the dehydrated matter. She refused to stay the night and therefore the doctor urge her to eat first before go home.

Naturally, everybody who accompanied her to the hospital start t get angry because almost everybody know her (incorrect and danger) diet program. Not only she endangered herself but she made everybody panic and afraid of what was going to happen to her.

Can’t say I blame my niece for wanting so much to be super slim. Teens like her easily brainwashed by commercial on tv and magazines. That being pretty is having slim body, long smooth hair and has glowing white skin. She has them all, to be the truth. She is about 175 cm and she is just entered Senior High School! She has nothing to be worried about and yet…thanks to all the misleading commercials that surrounding us everyday, she almost kill herself.

Can we blame her parents? Well, parents can give advice, guidance, yelling, warning… but they can be around 24/7. Some people (or some teens) have to learn in the hardest way before realizing the truth from their parent’s advice. As parents, I suppose my cousin and her hubby can only hope that their children will be able to learn from the lessons especially the hard ones.

As for my niece, hopefully she won’t try anymore stupid diet just to keep being slim… and instead sending her to the hospital…
4 Responses
  1. ge siahaya Says:

    Wah, harus konseling tuh... Soalnya ini sudah masuk ranah psikologis kan? Semoga tidak terulang kembali ya...

  2. bridge Says:

    gue tadi juga kepikiran. Tapi lo tau kan, orang suka sensitif kalau udah bawa2 masalah psikolog. Gue sih tadi cuman blg, ati2 jangan sampai bulimia

  3. Indah Says:

    Ortunya sendiri termasuk yang menekankan soal ke-slim-an itu ngga sih, Ri?

    Biasanya khan ada tekanan dari rumah and diperparah ama tekanan dari lingkungan maka jadilah seperti di atas.

    Semoga kondisinya cepat membaik ya!

  4. bridge Says:

    pertama, itu anak emang gak doyan makan.... Plus, dia terobsesi juga pengen kurus .... Jadi kurus sih gak apa, diet gak apa.... tapi mesti yg bener.... Dia terlalu over dosis dietnya
    mudah2an aja dia gak mengulangi lagi hal ini. Thanks ya

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