How to be a good neighbor

A few months ago, when the news about police discovery those members of terrorist cells were living among quiet neighborhood, people were shock. They were surprise to realize that those no good intention people could live and mingled with other people.

According to the newspaper, that situation should have been predicted. People nowadays have sort of motto: If you are not bothering me, then I will not bothering you.
With that kind of attitude, there will be little that we are going to find out about the living soul in our next door. Sure, we do know that he has a wife. Working in the city, but do not know exactly what kind of job the husband do. The wife is okay. She greets the neighbor but not talk much. Since everybody is busy…nobody take a notice. And then…boom! Cops all over the place and people went ga-ga…

I think I can understand why people nowadays choose to live the individual way. I mean, we have seen what would happen if we invite other people too much into our life. People then want to know about everything and start poking around the thing that they should have not. And they (pretend) not to know when is time for them to stop asking about every little detail in our life. If the information that they have from “spying” is to be kept to them, fine… We can let that go. But we all know too well that information about dirty little secret will not just stay in the box. It will be used as a material conversation with other neighbor. We hate that, don’t we? And therefore if we have neighbor who seems all fine from the outside and never bitching us…is sort of a blessing.

I think is still hard for us to be nice with other people without have to open the whole closet. And can we stop ourselves for lurking around other people’s business? Will we able to create creative conversation other than talking about other neighbor when there is a community gathering? Does all people who shut themselves from outside world is up to no good? How to differentiate people who just not so outgoing with those who indeed have something bad to be hidden? I want to hang out with my neighbor but I do not want them prying on my private life too much nor do I want to pry on them… What is the best way to do that?
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