I disagree with you...not hate you

I saw a status of a friend today on Twitter… She said, I do not hate you… I just do not always agree with you…

I think that is interesting, because sometimes we (me included) feel that when people do not approve of what we are doing or have their agreement, we just assume they hate us. And therefore, whatever we say or do will not get their approval or agreement.

But we can not think that people who always agree with us is the one who loves us. Perhaps they are your subordinate. They feel their future depends on your mercy, so whatever you said; they prefer to just go along with it… You might the type of supervisor who loves receiving praises all the times. So, your subordinates choose to play safe.

If people always agree with us, how do we know whether there is any flaw in your action or plan? Beside, isn’t it a bit boring to hear people always agreeing with you… What’s to talk about?

When people disagree maybe they see thing from their own perspective. We could enlighten them from our point of view. Explaining to them, this is the reason why I think like that, or why I choose to take that action or what will be my future plan. Who knows maybe they will explain the reason why they disagree and perhaps could give you useful feedback if you want to get on with whatever you are planning to do.

The point is, when people being disagree does not mean they automatically hate you. They are just being honest with you. It is possible they just do not understand and perhaps have been there and did not work out for them.

Of course, if they disagree with you all the time you opened your mouth, they yes, they probably do hate you from the bottom of their heart ^____^;;

5 Responses
  1. o Says:

    betul.. org negri kita tuh suka ga bisa nerima yg kayak gini..
    kalo ada yg disagree lgsg ngacir dikira dibenci.. haduhhh

  2. RuYanda Says:

    You gave me something to think about today. =)

    I always do that - when people disagree, I automatically think that they hate me (or my tastes/hobbies/etc) & then I would suddenly become defensive. *sigh* I have yet to learn how to 'agree to disagree' properly with other people.

    But yeah... some people do give useful feedbacks (which I really, really appreciate).

  3. Indah Says:

    Hate the sins.. not the sinners..

    Itu sih yang kadang orang susah pisahin, ahahaha..

    What we do, what we say itu only part of ourselves, not our wholeself..

    Mungkin karena udah terbiasa hanya diiyakan jadinya susah nerima kalo ada yang ngga setuju langsung dianggap ngga suka ma dirinya, aiihh.. cape dhee :p

  4. mpokb Says:

    kalau semua orang berpendapat sama, betapa membosankannya dunia... yang penting berbeda tapi saling menghargai pendapat masing2...

  5. bridge Says:

    @ O : tapi gue sendiri masih suka gitu kok (ngaku dosa)
    @ RuYanda : ah, well... We are not perfect... Especially when people disagree with us all the times... We are still in the learning process
    @Indah apalagi kalau ngasih kritik atau masukannya dengan nada mencela..., uh rasanya you really hates meeeeee
    @Mpok B kadang masih susah sih Mpok...

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