Yesterday I was reading one of Agatha Christie’s short stories and read something interesting. Is about a strange relationship between two characters who hate each other but depends one another. The first one is outrageously smart and gorgeous. The other one is not only ugly but also stupid. However, the smart one has a weak body while the stupid one has strength like a bull. The smart one hates the fact that she is weak while her so-called-mate is much stronger than her. She hides her jealousy by mocking anything she could think of.

I remembered ages ago, I have a so-called-friend just like the smart one. We were friends since elementary school though not so close. When we entered the same university and be in the same class, we sort of hang out together for a while. Until, she keeps on mocking me about my weight. At first, I just think she is just joking and nothing to be serious about it. But after a while, I finally can’t stand it and told my Mom about it.

My Mom could not believe it because she also knows my-so-called-friend. She then told me to find anything that I could use to mock her back.

“Isn’t that a bit rude?” I asked my Mom.
“Well, your friend did not think so, then why should you?” my Mom replied back.

The next day, as I have thought she was mocking me again. While waiting for the teacher, we all sit in front of the class talking. Since there was no seat she told me to sit with her on the same bench. Once I sat, she mocked me again about my weight. I think I had had it. So, I stood up and said, “I would rather be fat rather than have skin like you… It was as if you are an overcooked meat or something…”

Then I left her immediately. We hardly ever spoke again after that.

We are just human. We may jealous with the beauty or strength of our own friend. But, how could you ever know that maybe your friend also jealous at you. Often, we want something that we can not have. Not realizing that we are unique and therefore we complete one another…

Can we stop being jealous to other people?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yg namanya sirik pastilah gw plg sebel sama org yg suka nyela hal2 fisik.
    Gak ada yg mau jd org jelek, bodoh dan hal buruk kenapa harus diingetin berulang2..
    Apalg kalo nyelanya sampai bikin org yg dicela malu.........itu bukan temen namanya...(Sera-nita)

  2. Irene Says:

    kalo ketemu lagi, terus dia still ngatain kamu gendut, bloeh juga tuh dijawab, gw gendut tapi gw bisa jadi kurus, dan gw cantik.. ketimbang lo, kalo orang udah jelek tuh gak bisa diapa2in kan...hihihi

  3. bridge Says:

    @Seranita : emberrrr.... Kata Nyokap gue sih mungkin dia ada yang disirikin dari gue... gak jelas...

    @Irene sejak gue bales cela'annya, kita udah gak temenan lagi :D

  4. o Says:

    betulll nyela2 yg gak bisa diubah tuh gak perlu.
    kan kita gak bisa ngubah tu fisik yg dah dikasih tuhan.
    lain kalo mengkritik (bukan nyela) sikap..

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