Kindness overcome the need to hurt

If you watch a war movie, we often heard this sentence from the actors in the movie… “Let us hurt them first before they hurt us…”

In a war situation, that is probably a good tactic… If we got hurt first by our enemy, then perhaps our soldiers would loose the spirit to fight…thinking that this is a no-winning-war and they are going to die anyway… Not to mention those who would be killed during the attack… If we hurt the enemy first…, then we will have the advantage to give spirit for us and those soldiers in the battle… We will be able to win this war… They will never know what hit them… They will surrender soon…. Etc, etc…

You know what…in real life…sometimes…due to stressful of backstabbing colleagues and killer boss…we decided that we have to hurt other people first. Rather than getting hurt first by others…then we should strike first… Let them know that we are not weak and will not going to be crushed by them… We will not hesitate to show that we can hurt them and make sure they know about it…

But does it ever cross our mind something like let us be kind to other people first rather than people give that to us first… Usually, we have this kind of standard…I will be kind to other people if they are be kind to me first. We are not going to be the initiator in giving kindness to other people. Because for the same reason: we do not want to get hurt in the first place… What if this person has a bad intention to us? We would not survive the wound if they hurt us after all the kindness that we have given to them.

Well, nobody wants to get hurt… Even people whose daily activity is to hurt other people also do not want to get hurt. Especially by the people that have received our kindness. But did we expect something in return from our kindness? If not, then theoretically we should not get hurt easily if they pay back the kindness with evil things. Easy to said than done. I know that only too well. I saw that in my parents. They always try to be helpful to others but get only few positive responses. Only a few of people return their kindness. But did it stop them to keep being kind and helpful to other? Amazingly, is not.

“Those ungrateful people (hehehehe…it turn out they are mad after all) may not repay the kindness back to me… But there will be a stranger that will be kind to my kid… And for me, knowing that is enough…,” say my Dad.

Can we do that? Being kind first to others? Nothing wrong to try, right? 
3 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    What we give is always what we will get in return, one way or another ;)

    Jadi kalo berharap akan menuai kebaikan, taburkanlah kebaikan juga, huehehe :D

    I love what your father said!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    For the future, i might not being nice to those whose not nice to me. I don't care about it.... (hehehehe) -Wei-

  3. bridge Says:

    well, how about just being nice or kind to a complete stranger? Without hoping for something in return? Like simple things such as giving an old lady your seat while using the bus...
    Kan kita selalu maunya, gue harus nyakitin duluan daripada kena disakitin.... Gimana kalau kita balik, kita harus baik duluan sama siapa aja terserah (jadi gak harus sm orang yg udah jahat sm kita).... tanpa ngarepin balasan apa2:)

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