Lie you may, but not so much

I am the type of person who often avoid arguments and disagreement by simply produce a lie whenever necessary.

Like for example, when I was younger my Mom always the one who choose what kind of clothes I should wear. I have no problem with that until I entered Senior High School. I dislike her preference for me. But every time I opened my mouth to let out my disagreement she became upset. And therefore to avoid any argument between us, I always agree to all the clothes that she bought for me. Since I did not like them, I hardly wear it unless I have to go out with her. I have never really into fashion, but wearing something that I do not like always makes me uncomfortable. Of course, she finally noticed that I hardly wear the clothes… And that made her even more upset.

From that I learned, that for some cases…it would be better if we just be honest. If we have disagreement on something that we think is necessary for us to be spoken out loud then we should do it. Of course, what we have to think is how to express that disagreement in order to achieve something that both parties would approve. If only I kept on insist that I dislike the dress my Mom bought for me, she probably would only be a little upset. Okay, it would be a catastrophe. But, if she bought the dress anyway thinking that I like it too and then finding out I never wear it, imagine how she feel about it? Not only she wasted money on thing that would be useless but also that I lied about it. Being my Mom she probably going to let that pass. But being a friend or an acquaintance, I am not so sure… We will not like that kind of situation and eventually worst thing might happen…

So, yeah…once in a while…lie you may… But try not to do that too often…
(and this advice come from a person who prefer lying in the name of comfort) 
3 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    In the end, truth is more important, no matter how bitter it might taste, especially from those who mean so much to you.

    Cause if we can't expect them to tell us the truth, who can we trust to say it anyway? :p

  2. blackhuff Says:

    I was just like you - kept my mouth shut of lied to avoid confrontation or fights and when I married my husband, he told me that this does not work with him and that if he catch me lieing or keeping my mouth shut, that this is going to be the reason why we are going to fight. So now I'm a more open person and I must say, it's much better.

  3. bridge Says:

    @Indah are you surrreeee you want me to tell you the truth? hihihihih

    @blackhuff I know... i think what i need to work out is how to tell it to the person without causing world war 3

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