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My parents, who love watching movies, told me that when I was still a kid, the guard and the person who sell ticket at the counter were very discipline. If the movie was for adult (not something pornographic, thank you very much ^___^), they would not let my parents took me in. Even though at that time, I was still under 3 years old. Which means probably I would sleep all the time inside the theatre, as my parents told the guard. But, they kept on insist to my parents to not bring me to watch movie.

How about nowadays? Pleaseee… I think the cinemas owner will not have cared if the parents brought their infants to the theatre. So, you can imagine in the middle of the bloody scenes suddenly you heard a loud cry from an infant or a three years old. The last one I assume already able to see whatever happen in the movie. Scared obviously and then cry.

The other time, I went to see TWILIGHT. I went alone and I saw a line of seats with only one vacant seat. Later, I found out that the other seats in that same line were occupied by kids. Not teenagers. But I was pretty sure they were all still under 10 years old. When the kissing scenes began they pretend to cover their eyes. But of course they were peeking. And when the romantic scenes with all those words expressing for loves, they were yawning. Bored. I wonder who was the person who responsible to take those kids (there were about 10 kids) to watch romantic movie. Because with so many kids, how can that person give guidance or advice about several scenes that may not be suitable for them?

I notice that in American movies they have this rating to decide whether the movie is okay to be watched by all ages or otherwise. The ratings are given by and here they are :

General Audiences – All ages admitted
Maybe if in Indonesian movies, the rating is called : All Ages. This rating is not an indication that the movie is automatically for children only. I suppose, no offensive scenes and words are being used in the movie. And how to determine about the offensive kind of stuffs? I guess that is when the parents should taking the time to observe.

Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not be Suitable For
This one need a bit more attention from the parents to decide whether the movie is suitable for their children or not. I read that there is no drug use content in movies with this rating.

Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13.
I suppose for this kind of rating, parents strictly must make decision whether their children who still under 13 years old will be allowed to watch this movie. I suppose the consideration include on words, nudity scenes, drug use and any other material that not suitable for youngster to watch.

Restricted. Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian
Movie with this kind or rating is not allowing parents to bring their young children to watch it. Even children above 17 still need parents or adults to accompany them. The rating created based on hard language, violence scenes, sexual or nudity up to drug abuse.

No One under 17 and Under Admitted
According to the site, though the movie is under this rating, should not be construed as a negative judgment in any sense. The rating simply indicate that the content of this movie is suitable only for adult audience.

If you wish to know more about the above ratings, please go to

Hopefully, it will be useful for parents before they takes their children into the theatre.

2 Responses
  1. mpokb Says:

    lha ya itu.. pihak bioskop juga mestinya tegas ya mana2 film yang boleh buat anak2.. tapi dulu waktu smp/sma gw suka nonton film 17 tahun ke atas juga, lha dibolehin masuk dan film remaja jarang sih :D

  2. bridge Says:

    iya sih.... Gue juga dulu suka gitu.... Tapi ortu kita gak pernah bawa kita untuk liat film dewasa pas kita umur sektiar 1 - 5 thn kan? :D

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