Older women with younger guys

Nowadays there are so many movies about women in their early forty or late thirty having a one night stand or steady relationship with (so much) younger men.

I will discuss with the new one: Cougar Town. The story is about a single mother with a lousy ex husband. Working as a real estate agent, Jules Cobb raising her teen son and suddenly feel that she wants to feel and experience all the things that has lost during the time she married and raise her son. She hang out with her younger colleague and dating younger men. Though from time to time, she has to admit that she can no longer do whatever 20 something women can do.
What I like the thing she said in the first episode,” I want to date men at my age, but they date younger women…”

The other new serie is Accidentally on Purpose. Is a story is about a movie critic : Billie who just broke up with her boyfriend (also her boss). Her boyfriend once married and therefore not ready for another serious relationship. During her night out with friend and younger sister, Billie met Zack and end up having a one-night stand. Which continue with another one and later she found out she is pregnant.
Though Zack agreed to be with Billie until the baby born (and because he has no other place to stay), Billie sometimes think that she has another kid at her home.

Another one is The Proposal. Is about feisty editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) who loves tormenting her assistant (or more like a male maid) : Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds). Then when she was about to be kicked out from USA due to expired visa, she forced Andrew to be her (fake) husband. Since the punishment is severe if the immigration find out they are only faking the marriage, Andrew insist rewards and made Margareth “propose” him on her knee in public. The rest…well, you know what happen…

This one is a Korean drama about thirty something woman who great in culinary meet a cold broken hearted younger guy: My Name is Kim Sam Soon . To avoid marriage arrangement by his mother, Hyun Jin-heon and Kim Sam-soon make an agreement to pretend that they are lovers. It is hard for the audience to sympathize with Kim Sam-soon. First, well her name is a bit weird for a woman. Second, her voice does compete with a 100 years old grandma. And third, she is sort of overweight. Compare with Jin-heon previous girl friend, Sam-soon is out of her league. But, we know what happen in the end…

From all of the above, this one is the most touching story: Majo no Jouken. Is about a teacher : Michi who is still unsure what she really wants in her life other than fulfill what society and family wants. She has new student: Hikaru who live with his rich controlling cold mother. They both eventually fall in love and run away together. Michi face the hardest blow from people around her. She is after all much older, a teacher, who supposedly has some kind of standard of morality while Hikaru is still under age. If the above stories were fun to watch, this one was so heart breaking. To see two people united by circumstance and how they fight to stay together despite all the obstacles.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    don't forget.... the reader... we've discussed that one tooo (wei)

  2. bridge Says:

    But the Reader is more about reading, not specifically story telling about older woman with younger man:)

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