The real me

My friend asked me why with the spare time that I have now, I do not try to learn how to drive? I said to her that the motorcycle riders stressing me already and I am not even driving! Then we talked about our plan to go to Bandung together. My friend said that it will be better if we take travel car rather than using her car.
“I am afraid to get sleepy while driving on the free way,” she said to me.
“Really? I always enjoy myself driving on the free way… ,” I told her. “I need not to worry about those motorcycle riders suddenly take a turn out of nowhere!”
“Hahaha… It means you are the type who does not like challenge…”

Her words get me thinking.

Is it really? I am the kind of person who only want things to go smoothly and give up easily on every obstacles in life?

A few weeks later, I went to Mangga Dua Mall to have lunch with a friend. Now, I know there are two routes to go there using busway. But I am not familiar with the other route which actually the shortest one. I am not so sure whether my memory is right about whereabouts busway stop near the area of WTC Mangga Dua. Sooo, not want to get into lost in the area and becoming late to meet my friend, I choose the other route. Which is a longer one but I have familiar with the route. After the meeting, I decided to check on the shortest route. And it turn out my memory is correct. The busway stop indeed located in front of WTC Mangga Dua. And it only took me about an hour to get home. If I use the longer route, it would take at least an hour and half before I reached the destination!

Again, this get me thinking (geez, please stop the thinking…!)
Goodness, I am the type of person who prefer living the life without any obstacles or challenges. I whine at the slightest tiny problems, I complained when I bumped into something… I easily give up when two publishers rejected my first story… ( I would not call it a novel…because…well, it has not been published yet…)

Sad to think that all I want is something that I familiar with, though it will takes me longer route, or get me a headache because it is too much for me to get it done by myself… I just like to do things that I am already used to, or with no problem attached to it… Once I bumped into a problem, I already think that the universe hate me and therefore I can never be any good at everything…

And it took me 37 years to figure that out… Yikes….
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  1. Anonymous Says: ada kata terlambat untuk memulai.....jd tetap semangat dan mulai hal2 baru...welcome to the real world! Sera-nita

  2. bridge Says:

    Thanks for the support :)

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