Sentimental value

Do you have old things that other people look at them as garbage but for you is a valuable treasure?
Not because the thing is worth million bucks or something…but the value behind that garbage thing make you (including me) unable to let the thing go…

I have this doll, a Teddy Bear… It is so old, if I hold it too tight I think the doll will loose it’s hand immediately. But I love that doll. My Dad gave it to me when I was a kid, lying in the hospital. Feeling so sad because I stayed in the room where my parents were not allowed to be with me. So, if the visiting hour has passed I have to pass the night all by myself. My Dad gave me the doll so I would always remember that my parents were around.
That is why I decided to keep that doll up ‘till now. I was wondering where I can fix my Teddy …but have not found the place yet….

Some of us are a bit sentimental. And therefore we like to keep old stuffs just for the sentimental reason. Like me and my Teddy bear. Through things often we were reminded that people gave us that thing to express their love, or affection. Sometimes we need old clothes from people that has passed away to be reminded the good times that we have spent with them. Or perhaps bad moments, but who would want to remember bad times anyway?

Your parents maybe give you that old camera for your graduation. Every time you use it, you will remember them… Or your husband gave you that ugly necklace. It’s not a diamond or gold, but you keep it anyway. Because he gave it to you while both of you were still dating. Your son gave it a hideous tie. You wear it anyway and keep it, because that was a gift on Fathers Day. Your friend gave you a friendship ring when you both finished high school. So you can be friends forever…

Again, is not the nominal value of the stuff…but the memory that we try to hold on.

What can I say, I am that sentimental person ( or perhaps I just too lazy to clean up my drawer…)

p.s. this post is dedicated to my (once) handphone… A white sliding Nokia…able to produce beautiful picture like the one that I attached here… The only reason I have to let my dearest handphone go due to the screen problem. It often went dead for several hours…and I became unable to check any text message. The memorable moment was the handphone did not have any problem when I was about to sell it. The girl on the store keep on checking it for almost an hour. They want to make sure the handphone still in good condition before they agree to buy it. I think is incredible that it did not went off like it used to be…  Still sad to think about it.... (yeah, I know…ridiculous…) 

2 Responses
  1. -Indah- Says:

    Gua bangets! Makanya kamar gua berantakan, hahaha.. saking sayangnya membuang barang for that sentimentil reason :p

  2. bridge Says:

    itu sih emang karena kita berdua tipe orang yang males merapikan kamar.... or at least begitulah kata orang tua gue.....

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