Traveling buddies

If you go on a traveling trip with a bunch of people, you probably will have the opportunity to get to know the real habit of those people. And likewise, they will know more about you… Maybe there are things that should be discussed before having a trip together…

1. You are such a messy person!
You seem have a lousy memory about things that you have brought for the trip. So, all the items that have been arranged neatly inside your backpack or suitcase were suddenly out in the room. Your room mates could only watch in horror on the things scattered on your bed… They could have thoughts that a cat has entered the room and mess the whole things!

2. Can’t sleep with other people on the same bed
Your friend insist that she prefer to sleep on the floor… You and the others protesting her that there is no way we will let her do that… It turn out, your friend is simply not use to sleep with other people on the same bed… So, please don’t get offended if she refuse to be in the same bed with you and the other five girls… Is not because you are smelly or have any contagious disease… Is just her thing

3. Turn off the light…or not…
Some can’t sleep with the light turn on…others can’t sleep with the light turn off… If there are only the two of you in the same room…this will be a total disaster... Maybe it will need some kind of arrangement between the two of you… Will a little tiny small reading lamp be able to solve a problem?

4. Breakfast
Some don’t mind skipping the breakfast…others can’t live through the day without one… Budgeted hotel often only serve breakfast in small portion. I suppose we should talk about this before deciding which hotel we should stay… If the breakfast is not enough to give additional energy then what the heck….stack some food for the journey… Beside, are we going to travel or to have meals?

5. Suffocated
It turn out, that tiny cheap small room make you suffocated… It was like you are trap in some kind box that prevent you to breath or stretching your leg…
If you have problem with this, better inform your friends before you all booked cheap room even if the room has no hygiene problem

6. Ah…that hygiene problem
Your friend is allergic to bed sheet that not properly washed, street food, eating equipments… The supposedly fantastic holiday turn into a nightmare when your friend have rash all over her body… Obviously, she can’t stay in just any kind of place… Unable to eat anything worth consuming, and...well…you asked her then…

7. The never satisfied type
When the holiday plan was discussed, she or he leave all the details to you… With a promise that they will accept whatever come on the plate… In reality, they do not hesitate to complain or show their dislike when everything is not even close to the thing that they want…

8. Our goal to have this trip is…
Sleep and sleep or exploring? Do you prefer to stay in your room or go to the nearest spa and that’s it… Or you wish to explore the island and find anything interesting to buy? Or wait until the night comes and hit all the night clubs till dawn?
Maybe we do need to discuss about this…before going on a trip together…

The above are the only things I can think of right now ;)

Traveling is the best way to get to know each other… and to make the trip more fun than ever ^_______^

4 Responses

  1. bridge Says:

    blogdancing it is

  2. BusWayer Says:

    Golden Rule: Only travel together with people you ALREADY know (including their bad habits, that is), so you could manage your expectation well. Doesn't matter if they do not know you, it's their own risk if they find out later that you are such a j**k. **Running away**

  3. bridge Says:

    heeeey....why are you running away???? You scare to leave me your identity? hehehehe

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