Used Things

How far you would use used stuffs? I am not the kind of person who like using used stuffs, though I do collect something that has been used… in my younger days… Then again, here are several used stuffs around our daily life that I once have or bought or not ever want to have…

1. Book
Once upon a time, I suggested to my Mom to just buy me used studying books in order to save some money… You know what she said to me? She said that book might carry a contagious virus or something… (and people said I was reading too much espionage books) In simple explanation, she worried that the books previously owned by someone who has contagious illness and the books covered with bacteria from the sick person. Silly lie or not, it was effective for her to have me stay away from buying used books. I think there was only one time I bought several used books and that because I only need them for traveling with my parents. The book would be disposed once the holiday over. So, no worries about the contagious bugs… Kidding…

Anyway, the only used books that I would not mind having were those from swapping with my friends… Besides, is not like I buy books daily… And I always love the smell from the new books…

2. Stamps
I love collecting things…and used stamps were among them. That was one of the reasons why I also into corresponding. Collecting stamps to me was sort of like having miniature paintings. LOL.
Unfortunately I stop collecting them ever since I got a job. Too much time consuming and I simply lost interest in them. But, I still have them for old time sake.

3. Clothing
Same thing with books, I do not like wearing or buying things that have been used by other people…
Once I went to bazaar that sold cheap but nice clothing… I was interested but later I heard that those clothes were actually DONATION from other countries to people who in need. The trick to spot it is, according to my friends that those clothes only available in one size. And often have missing irreplaceable buttons.
That was the reason I dislike buying used clothes. If those supposed to be a donation then it was sort of insulting if I have to BUY them???

On the other hand, I would not mind swapping clothes with my friends… ;)

4. Shoes
There is no way in this world that I would ever gonna buy a pair or more of used shoes. Not even if those shoes once worn by a famous person.

Anyway, I have never tried to buy other used things like table, chair, cabinet… Not that because I do not want to… but I never found anything interesting. Who knows? Maybe in the future I would specifically hunting for those antiques to fill the space in my own-future-house…
2 Responses
  1. Lita Says:

    Agree! I dont mind to swap clothes with my friends as long as I know their daily habbit. And buying used shoes? Its a no, like NOOOOOOO! I don't care even if they're Manolo.

  2. bridge Says:

    Hahahaha...., then we are so much alike related to used things :D

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