Written or spoken?

I am not really a person who can handle things directly. Like for example, if I want to complain about maybe a certain service that did not meet with my requirement I would send letter to the customer service. For me, it saves a lot of my time from the need to listen to the stupid singing from the phone while we were put on hold. Of course, if my letter did not get any response…is another story… But anyway, I always avoid any open confrontation.

Why? Maybe I am just another coward person? That possibility has come to my mind, but I also know that I am a slow thinker. My brain processing everything so slowly and finally not only I am unable to think something smart to say I end up with uncontrollable emotion. Which of course, end up into pointless arguments and solve nothing.

With letter, I can have time to think my words carefully… I can re-read every letters again and again before finally make my reply. And it helps me to avoid saying anything stupid and pointless for the sake of arguments.

Well, not just for avoid arguments… Sometimes, believe it or not… I can just go blank in the middle of conversation. Like…oh, dear… What should we talk about… Especially when I like to talk about certain topic but my friend does not like it… Or my friend talk about things that she like…however I have no idea what is it about… Through letters, amazingly I always manage to create something to talk about…

Naturally, not everything in life can be settled through letters. Letters takes time before arrive to the owner… Often the explanation contained in the letter has no longer useful for the recipient. Several things do need straight and open conversation. If it will lead to some kind disagreement or awkward situation, so be it…  
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Funny thing is, i also can't angry if service is not good. I'm type of person who will receive anything I get.... -Wei-

  2. Dear Bridge, you're not an outspoken person as well. Hope that won't be a problem. :-)

  3. bridge Says:

    Dear all,
    I am the NOT OUTSPOKEN person.... HEHEHHE... still consider writing letter is my way...:)

  4. o Says:

    paragrap terakhir bener bgt.. gw berusaha latihan ngomong lebih byk biar bisa ngomong klo lagi perlu..

  5. bridge Says:

    iya.... tapi kadang disagreement itu bikin energi terkuras.... Udah capek, hasilnya gak ada.... akhirnya balik2 gue jadi males ngomong langsung

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