Alone watching ECLIPSE

Today out of the blue, I decided to go watch Eclipse by myself. My friend asked me to watch it last Saturday but I was not able to do so. Beside, watching movie during weekdays is a lot less stressing than watching it on weekend. I am able to arrive a few minutes before the movie started and then buy the ticket at the very last minute. And still able to get one! One? Yeah, I went to see the movie alone…  Anyway, if I go to see it during weekend…not only I have to be there hours before the movie started. As I have to endure the long queuing to get the ticket. Along with others who are dying to see it as well. Usually with new blockbuster movie like this, chances to get tickets are very slim. Even if we manage to get them, we have to sit separately…or worst… Sitting near the big screen! Which I can assure you that your eyes and head will explode due to tiredness to keep on looking up at the so big screen in front of you. 

So, there I was…10 minutes before the movie started I arrived at the theatre. Not so many people there. Probably teens who still enjoying their holidays. But only a few… This is why I love watching movies around lunch time… Even on weekends… Most people prefer to have lunch rather than watching a movie and only feel the stomach with snacks. The others are women around my age. The audience were only about 20 – 25 people including me.

At first I was a bit worried that there would be elementary students watching this movie sitting beside me. It turn out there were three teenager girls who keep on giggling all the way from the movie started until it ended. The reason I did not smack them because they also despise the character: Bella Swan.

Yep, actually I hate the female character: Bella Swan (starring Kristen Stewart in the movie). I think she is really despicable. She said she loves this handsome vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) but she also toying around with the cute werewolf (with amazing 6-packs) : Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)… I feel sorry for Jacob because he seems so in love with Bella while we the reader know she will not feel the same way to him.

Though I hate her character, but I kinda loves the series. Not as much as I love Harry Potter….but after reading the first book I decided I have to continue reading it until the last book. Then, naturally I have to see the movie. The first one not so good (IMHO), the second one…well…thanks to Taylor Lautner I was able to continue watching it until the movie ended. Because from all the books of Twilight Saga, I hate the second book the most. And the third sort of my favorite and I loves the outcome of the movie. Not too much kissy scenes with boring dialogues between Bella and Edward. The audiences get the chance to see a bit deeper about the other member of the Cullen’s family. There is also a story shared about the legend behind the werewolves among the Black families. The main story is still the same. Bella wants Edward to change her become a vampire. Edward wants to get married first because well he live from ages ago where marriage is important for him. Victoria reveal why she does not like Bella that much. Jacob keep on trying to express his love for Bella and does not hesitate to show that in front of Edward. My favorite scene was when Bella was freezing and Jacob come to help her warm. He stared coldly to Edward and said,”I am HOTTER than you…” Hahahaha… Love that one. What can I say…I am TEAM JACOB. And this movie also ended Victoria’s effort to kill Bella for her vengeance. And I should tell you, Edward is suck in fighting.

I think why the book and movies are such a hit with teenagers because well when we were teenagers we also never think too much further about the future. What we want and care is right now. If we can’t have what we want, in this case : Love, we feel there is no point to continue on living. There is and will be no other person to love and live. Our mind only fill with how we are going to achieve our wish whatever the consequences.

Again, no matter how people fret about how this movie is not good for teens or whatever… I still admire the author. She wrote good stories and able to attract us the reader to keep on reading until the story ended. I am sure most of us have figured how the story will end. But we want to know how it will come to that ending. What happens to other characters? Will everyone have what they want in the end? 

Well, to find it you should read or watch the movie ^___^ And considering that I am willing to watch two movies of these series by myself…well…it means I loves the story. What can I say? Stories about vampires always attract me and for sure I will wait for the last chapter of this series.

6 Responses
  1. blackhuff Says:

    I'm so jealous of you that you went to see it - I havent't seen it, a bit difficult with having children and getting a babysitter :(

    Happy to hear that you've enjoyed it

  2. bridge Says:

    Well, sometimes I was unable to go out due to taking care my parents at home... So, no worry... you will have your chance;)
    The movie is good, IMHO...better than the first two!

  3. Indah Says:

    Wahh.. gua belon nonton! Lebih bagus dari 2 sebelonnya yaa? Hmm..

  4. bridge Says:

    in my humble opinion, the third movie is much better than the previous two... Ini sih kata gue loooohhhhh

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I love the books and bought and read all 4 in less than a month. I think the 2nd movie was my favourite so far, but Eclipse was also very good

  6. bridge Says:

    Ah, I did not really like the Bella character... But I like how Stephenie Meyer wrote all the stories...

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