At the hospital

I have been staying with my Mom in this hospital since last Friday 23rd July 2010 up to now. She has a kidney’s problem and still under observation. I do sincerely hope she will get well soon as hospital really gives me the creep.

Anyway, previously I have talked about words that biting back at you along with my judgment on people with loud noise. I know that I should have not been talking about something that I do not like as here we are… spending a room in the hospital with someone whose family can only talk with loud voices.

Since we have to share with another person, there is really nothing we can do about it.

As usual, me and my mother always try to open conversation with the “neighbor” as we are going to spend for don’t know how long. We found out that the patient next to my mom has a stroke and therefore she is totally paralyzed. She is totally depends on her children (which luckily she has 9!) to take care of her. All of her children are older than me and all of them already married and even some of them are have grandchildren as well!

Therefore, you can imagine if just one kid bring the whole family to that room. It was so crowded and they are unable to talk in hush hush voice but all speaking very loudly. Perhaps they want the patient to be able to hear them or whatever, but it starting to make my Mother annoyed. But so far, we said nothing. Well, there are something probably that they do not like about us so vice versa there is nothing to discuss.

Then this morning, around 06.00 AM when two nurses came noisily to give bath, the one who stay with the patient woke up and immediately turn on the televison using high volume. My Mother awake instantly and forget her calm manner. She asked the television to be turned off immediately. It did not work. And after that, she spent the whole day grumbling for lack of sleep.

Oh dear, I should have never talk about typical of someone that I do not like as I surely heck know it will bite me right in my face. HELP!
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  1. blackhuff Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she gets better soon.

  2. o Says:

    duh brii bilang dong ke mereka.. atau bilang ke susternya..
    pasti rumahsakit tuh punya aturan buat siapapun supaya gak bawa anak2 atau bawa orang2 yg brisik..

    come on.. coba ngomong dgn senyum dan sopan.. mengingatkan ttg nyokap elu yg sakit & butuh tidur.. mereka gak boleh bete kalo elu udah sopan! ayoo :)

  3. bridge Says:

    @blackhuff thank you for the kind wishes

    @O udeeeh jeeeeng.... Nyokap udah bilang ke suster sama mantri
    tadi pagi sih gue tegur dengan biasa2 aja... abis dari kemarin udah kita cemberutin masih gak ngerasa juga

  4. Comel Says:

    Wah, jangan ngambek sama nurse-nya dong, nanti yang rugi eloe sendiri lho kalo mereka jadi males bantuin eloe. Gimana kalo minta pindah kamar yang sepi bilang Mami-mu nggak bisa istirahat tenang di tempat sekarang.

  5. twitjune Says:

    oalah sist...Tante lg sakit yaaa?? Kidney's problem?? Kok bisa?? bisa minta pindah kamarkah? Cara paling aman kayaknya kalo punya "neighbour" with "h(ear)ing problems" daripada mama tambah stress n malah ga sembuh2..Mending ngalah kalo menghadapi orang2 heartless seperti mereka.
    Get well soon Oma Laura..lots of kisses from Cheyna, Mikhal and Fidea

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