be happy with what we have

Few days ago, my friend talked to me about how sometimes she envy on other people’s life. Yeah, yeah, we have passed the lesson that thou shall not envy with other people. In our defense we would say that we both only human being. Which sometimes questioned the life, why on earth other people have so many while other have none? And of course, talking about this giving both of us ideas what to write about… LOL…

Anyway…,  that night we talked about people who (seems) have everything… Handsome husband (or beautiful wife), lovely children, no problem with financial aspect (which we both sort of have though not in the desperate level), going places (meaning traveling all the time), and so on…

Then, the conversation shifted to something juicy… (well, I did tell you that we are talking about life, right?) She told me about someone that she knew who is having affair for years! That someone has told the spouse about it and asked for a divorce. But the spouse, though angry with the betrayal refuse to divorce this person and still want to continue the marriage. So, does this person stop the affair and try to save the marriage? Nope. The affair continued up to now.

She said to me, that her friend is totally complicated and unable to appreciate the gift of live. If your spouse confess to you about their affair and asked for divorce, you probably will grant the request. I mean, what more can you do if your spouse does not love you anymore and just want to call it quit? But this one, not only willing to forgive but also ready to start over again.

Well, since I have no idea about the couple other than the information that was given by my friend…I surely could not judge them… But of course, it get me thinking about how we so many times unable to appreciate whatever we have in this life. We always want more, thinking will be happy with other things that probably not meant to be… Little we realize that other people have their own skeletons which hidden from us the outsider. We only see them as lovely couple, have steady jobs, have position in the social circle… blah, blah, blah…
That night, since my friend was taking the part as someone who pouring whatever on her heart and mind…I was playing the part as someone who happen to be the wiser…(though not always)… I told my friend that there is no way we are going to find out the real situation of the person that we envy so much. They probably have some kind of problem that they do not want the whole world to know… And they are good at hiding it…or simply do not want to share it with other people… Therefore, we only see what our eyes want to see… That is the perfect picture based on our own perspective.

Anyway, I am not going to end this posting by giving a lecture about we should not envy on other’s people life or we should envy with them. I suppose sometimes we have one of those days…where we look on others and something cross my mind like why I can’t be more like them? But hopefully, we could put that aside and be happy with whatever we have right now… Is that advice? Well, it is a hope…of mine… Maybe it could be yours too ...
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  1. blackhuff Says:

    I agree, I think that everyone in life at some point, aren't happy with what they have but I think everyone should be happy with what they have. God will only give you the things that you can handle and I believe that whatever he is giving you, is the best that there is for YOU.

  2. hevver Says:

    I really, really enjoy your writings!

  3. bridge Says:

    @blackhuff If the thing belongs to you then it should be yours otherwise...well...not ever...

    @hevver thanks for visiting:) I posts same things in nablopomo :D (embarrassed smile)

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