Break even point

Long, long time ago, people here in Jakarta usually brings present to a wedding party in a form of usable things... or at least they think will usable... Such as a set of tea pot, another set of tea pot, dining set, another dining set, etc. Often, due to the similarity, the married couple re-wrapped the gift and give it to another new bride.

And then, I can not really remember when it was exactly people in Jakarta starting to give cash to the newlywed. They will prepare a box to keep the envelope at the front gate, guarded by the so-called PAGAR AYU (I honestly do not know how to translate it in ENglish... ... BEAUTIFUL GUARDS???) Anyway... bringing cash was still uncommon that day. So, often me and my family got people staring at us while they bring huge presents containing don't know what. While me and my family just bring this little small envelope, stated from us to the newlywed.

Why people suddenly decided to bring cash instead of gifts?

Well, for one thing, is so practical to both of the parties. The inviter will be happy to receive the gift in cash, so they can buy things that they trully need and wants. The invitees, also happy because they are not going to be hassled to think ... Oh, dear.... what should we bring to them? Oh, I know... a set of tea pot (WHAT? NOT THAT AGAIN???!!)

But when my parents heard that the people who give out wedding party hope to get at least break event point from the "GIFTS" that people gave them, my parents found it unbelievable...

"You throw a party because you wish sincerely to share your happiness with others... Not in hoping to get gifts in return to cover the expenses!"

I could only smile at them. Although I do agree with them, but I think I can still understand why those people wants something to cover their expenses... Giving out a wedding party nowadays... is totally washed out your savings...! Me, personally ... if someday my future going to be husband have limited budget, then we should we have the party to close family only... Or, even better... just use the money to go straight on the honeymoon!! Yeah, right... Like my parents going to let me do that....

Anyway, back to the wedding party.. I remembered a party of my friend a few years ago. Usually, we are hoping to get to know a new guy or whatever at a wedding party. But most of the guests at that time were old couples... Only a few people around my age. So, I asked my friend about it. I mean, I saw no colleagues of her hubby in that party. Or at least her colleagues... Her answer was a bit shocking. She said, that she only invited really close friends, and the other guests were the friends and colleagues of her parents.

"They will bring me lots of cash. So, rather I invited them than my colleagues or his colleagues. THey just going to bring little cash and eat the meal here like crazy..."

I appreciate her honesty, but still I was like... WHAT???

IMHO, people should not push it to have grand wedding party if they are unable to .... It will be foolish to expect that your guests will give your money back after thrown a big huge party... Let it go... You wish to have grand party, there you have it... If you reach the break event point, well that is a plus... But, is it really the point of you having a party at all???
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