Consumed by envy

I do not know if you ever heard this joke….

A man was driving his old-almost-broken-out-of-style motorcycle when someone riding a Harley suddenly already beside him. That man yelling to him,” Hey! Have you ever riding this thing?”
Feeling insulted the first man quickly hit the gas so he could stay away from the Harley rider. However, soon that man approaching him and once again asked the same thing, “Hey! I asked have you ever riding this thing?!”

Before he snapped back to the Harley’s rider suddenly the Harley moved on forward him… Then within few second the Harley’s rider loosing his balance and fall along with the motorcycle. Feeling he is in heaven now…, the first rider hurried up to approach the Harley’s rider… Not to help but to mock only,” You deserve that fall for being such a rich jerk!”
And the Harley’s rider, try to hide the pain due to the fall replied back, “ I was not being snob… I asked you whether you have ever riding Harley because I have no idea how to stop riding it without have to fall like this…”

Yeah, yeah… Of course that story just for joke…

But if we were the in the position of the first rider, what would we do? If that was me, I would have been thinking the same thing… Oh dear… This Harley’s rider is a total jerk…! He knows I am riding this old-almost-broken motorcycle…it means I have no money to buy a new one… Then how dare he even ask me have I ever riding that motorcycle of him? He is really looking for trouble and only wants to insult me!

I have to admit that sometimes the jealousy clouded my mind that when someone I envied a lot asking help for real…not only that I did not help that person… But I also got suspicious… Does this person really asking me for helping hand? Or just want to show off those precious expensive things? Does he or she testing me whether I have enough knowledge to be their friends?

That assumption sometimes sounds so silly when we figure the real problem. But once consumed our mind, it blinded our eyes and most of all our heart to other people’s problem. What can we think is only from our point of view and blocking all possibilities that may happen.

Ah, well… Perhaps like when a friend of mine giving me her lovely ring. When I asked her why on earth she gave it to me…she then answered that she has to wear accessories made in gold. The ring that she gave me was not. And therefore her skin was allergic to it… Should I be offended hearing her reason? Obviously not! Of course I don’t know how I would take it if I heard it from a complete stranger… Then again, a complete stranger wouldn’t give me their ring…Even if is only an imitation. 

2 Responses
  1. hmm..aku juga pernah merasa iri pada orang yg super hebat,padahal ketika dia ingin menolongku, semua dilakukan dg tulus tanpa bermaksud pamer kehebatannya. tapi itu manusiawi, asalkan rasa iri kita tidak membuat kita ingin menjatuhkan orang itu.

  2. bridge Says:

    iya sih.... Kadang2 suka kesel kok ada orang bisa punya semuaaaaa... Dan saking iri-nya gak bisa melihat ketulusan org tersebut.... Still working on it :)

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