Daily life in hospital

Since my Mom still need infusion containing medicine and nutrition…therefore if she wish to go to the toilet…I have to carry that thing all the way with her… Which is kinda a nerve breaking because if we accidentally pull it then nurses here have to do the infusion again and the process is not easy.

And for several times at night, she woke me up to help her walk to the toilet and for that I am having less and less time to sleep. Not that I am able to sleep comfortably on the floor. The mattress that I bring is terribly thin… My back is killing me…

Around 5 AM, everyday two nurses will come to our room and said to us happily, “Good morrniiing… Would you like us to help you take a bath or just simply wash your body a bit?”

They bring this small can containing water with a special trolley which causes very noisy voice… Not all nurses able to push the trolley without causing havoc in the morning. As if not enough, the person who help to wait the patient turn on the television very loud… Gggrrrhhh… Grumbling I went to the bathroom and wash my face…

There was no point in trying to go back to sleep because there will be traffic of people such as nurses come and go to check my mother blood pressure or body temperature. After that around 07.00 someone from the kitchen brought hot tea to my Mom. Obviously I have to give it to my Mom after waking her up… Sleepily after taking the tea she went back to sleep. But not for long… on 07.30 sharp they brought breakfast for my Mom. She only want chicken porridge and I finished the rest of her meal and that is a boiled egg.

If you think we can get back to sleep again after her breakfast, you are totally wrong. Few minutes later people from cleaning service come by and swept and mop the floor… So, I have to gather my sleeping equipment and wait for them finished their job. Then afterwards another people come again to change the bed sheets. Without realizing it, the clock suddenly show that time has arrived at 09.30 AM!  There is no way we can go back to sleep…

Sometimes I look at those sick people in their old age…and thinking can I have the gift of not being sick before I die? Not that I mind looking after my Mother (though sometimes she drive me up to the wall) but I have no idea who is going to look after me when I am old.

We just live that up to the Master above…, I suppose…
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  1. There's a good reason why I wanna get pregnant: coz I want someone look after me when I'm aged.

    I found out how hospitalizing my patients could frustate their families, that there was no comfortabilities for the family as they look after the patients. Whatever the nurses did in your mom's room were standard and easily found out in every hospitals: the morning schedule, the noisy breakfast, and even the fake happy smiles.

    There's no other solution to make it better, except the family should adapt with the procedures. I hope your mom will be good-nourished soon, Mbak Ria, so the doctor will have good reason to put off the infusion, and finally the hospital can send your mom home.

  2. blackhuff Says:

    Having children for the reason to have someone look after you on your old day is not something you should consider this way. You get where children don't want to look after their parents on their old age, so what does that help you in having children?

    Hugs for you going through a rough time with your mother

  3. twitjune Says:

    i'll look after you sis...if you don't mind...just call..

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