Down to the memory lane with HANDPHONE

I still remember the first time I owned my first handphone. It was in 1999 and along with my friend to accompanied me, I bought a Nokia…but forgot what type. The ridiculous thing was, at that time the prize of handphone was declining. So I was able to buy one for myself. However, to make the handphone I have to set up the number…right? To contradictory the cheap prize of handphone…prize for the pre-paid handphone’s number were skyrocketing. I am serious!!! There was this ridiculous add that stated the prize for this so-called lucky number : 300 Million Rupiah (nowadays is approximately the same with USD 3,200.00) and the buyer will have a luxurious house as a bonus!

It took me about a month before I was finally able to use my handphone… With help from my colleague I was able to get the number with reasonable prize. I was so happy that day…I feel I have complete the illusion. Me, working in a bank…looking busy with my handphone… hahaha…  Kidding… After having one, accessories are the next must have items. Small little dolls or bells hanging, the jacket or pocket for handphones up to screen protectors!

Handphone at that time was to be used for calling and receiving phone. No such things as text messages or pictures created from arranged alphabets and such… I think it was about a year after text messages were starting to hit. And afterwards…, most of us busy typing rather than talking as it was cheaper…and quicker.

My parents and other elderly were not too excited about handphone. First, according to them is too complicated (bleh with the manual I suppose)… Second, those tiny buttons are torturing their finger…and most of all their eyes… You can start a world war just by arguing with them on how to use the handphone.

But years passed, most people at least have one handphone nowadays. First for personal use, other for business only, third for their-so-called-fling… and so on. Kids have it as well up to the latest edition (even worker like me will have to think million of times before buying it).

However, even though handphone was no longer considered as a high class items…I wonder why people seems always eager to show theirs around. In Churches I often heard announcement to turn off the handphone before the mass begins and yet…we still heard loud ringing and the owner really has the nerve to answer it and have a little bit of chit chat. No, it was not a kid…but a grown up person! Probably that guy afraid he will be loosing his business transactions or whatever.

Another time we were watching this classical movie in the theatre... We were closed to tears as the main character was expressing his dying love when suddenly a ring screaming out loud to the entire theatre… Don’t we all wish to strangle that perpetrator?

Last but not least...the using of handphone in the hospital! I can understand if the user is the patient… I mean, being a patient in the hospital is going to kill you quickly out of boredom. Calling your family and friends are the second remedy for the lonely soul waiting for recovery. What I hate the most is visitor who come to visit during nap time and these visitors really have no conscience. They talked loudly through their handphone don’t know about what… And successfully makes the other patient and their family unable to take a rest due to their loud noises… Gggrhhh…

Well, this is my rambling about the history of my handphone and the annoyance caused by it ^_^
Want to share your experience, here?

p.s. I posted this half concentration as my eyes were on TV watching the match between Germany and Argentina… And I don’t even like football!
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  1. I always thought it ridiculous the way people use it everywhere and anytime as if the whole world depended on the current call. Drove me nuts. Then I got my phone in 2005 and started doing the same thing...talking on it in the store, answering it at the public places. Started making me I got rid of it. I can live without it because I stay home and never go anywhere and if I do, i am with my hubby and he has a phone.

  2. bridge Says:

    hahaha... I know the feeling... Usually I put on a silent mode whenever I was having a chit chat with friends. Or just check it once in a while not every damn minutes of my life. I can't let it go but I also try not let it take over my life (sound like an alien or something :D)

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