Fashion, again...

Usually I have never give a damn about what other people wearing. Honestly, it is not my business no matter how bizarre their outfit look to me. However, there were times when I was with my friends who have sharp tongue. Not so proud about it of course.

Do you remember my story about a colleague of mine, who likes to folded her scarf to look like a gigantic flower around her neck? Well, that sort of thing. Why should I even bother to talk behind her back with other colleague and all of us laugh out loud on her appearance? It is her body, it is her scarf, she can do whatever she wants with it.

Since we started to having friends or acquaintances, it seems very important to us that what ever we think, speak, wear is acceptable by other people. When I was in high school, girls usually get their hair to be curly, not really curly, by you know, with wave and all that. And if we were not, they would come up and say, why your hair like that? Straight with no style at all. Or, why you are not wearing this shoe, or that bag, and lots of thing. When Demi Moore became famous because of her role in “GHOST”, many women adapted her hairstyle. Not care, if the style fit their face or not. We choose to follow what other people choose for us because we need to be safe in our own group rather to hear their rejection. And to think, that we are not in some kind of competition, so why we have to bother to think what other people might think on our outfit?

I suppose when people do not ask our opinion, then keep the opinion to ourselves. But try to give an honest answer if they do ask.

And before say something bad about other people's appearance then try to look ourselves in the mirror...

Don't say it because your friends tell it so...
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  1. I don't remember about your gigantic-flower-folded-shawl post. But I think it's cool to be able to fold shawl and forming a flower. Very artistic!

  2. bridge Says:

    hahaha, I forgot I posted that in my other blog... :D
    I can assure you if you saw the gigantic flower, you will not consider that artistic :D

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