The Flying White Ant

My cousin told me that her daughters were being approached by talent scout to be a model and a movie actress. Her hubby rejected the idea as he did not want their daughters forgot their studies just for pursuing something like that…

I think her husband have reasons to be worried. Years ago, I heard from a colleague of mine about her neighbor. Her neighbor is a very pretty girl, at the peak of her teen’s age. One day she was offered to join an audition to get a lead role on this local soap opera. The girl, accompanied by her older sister went to the audition and later she was informed that she got the role. So, she went again to have a meeting with the producer accompanied with her sister. The producer then gave her a very shocking request. The girl would get the role if she agreed to go out with someone known by the producer. My colleague then asked the girl what was her answer. The girl said she refused. She said the offer was a big temptation. But the further request was also the thing that put her off. She realized she did not really want to enter the entertainment industry in that way. 

Sometimes, I think the entertainment industry is like a big lamp shining so brightly in the middle of the night. Attract those flying white ants…and as soon as they got near, they drop dead. We are that flying white ants. Can you imagine that an actress have huge income from just one episode of soap operas? Her salary for one episode probably the same with what we must earn in a month plus overtime. But then, we never know their struggle to get there. All we know all that shining bright success in front of television.
I suddenly remembered a colleague of mine used to say, “ I feel sorry for those celebrities… All cameras hunting them…quoting and make fun of whatever they said or do… I am glad I just a small time clerk… “

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