Gathering with a friend

Earlier this day I went to see a friend that I have known through internet.

Being thirty something who loves reading and watching movies in my office is not easy. As NOBODY shares the same hobby. Seriously.

Then I get to know internet and decide to find new friends who share the same hobbies with me. At first we talked only about Korean movies through mailing list. Then few of them introduced me to a larger media that we known as a forum. In that forum, we can join thread that discuss only about Asian movies, or western movies, or books, health problem, working issues and many more. It was like they help me to open a new door to another dimension. 

After having known new people, naturally I want to meet them. And then escalate to have gathering then finally what all movie lovers will do together. We all went to see a movie: Spiderman 2…if I was not wrong. It was fun to have all seats occupied by all of us side by side. We even hang out afterwards to discuss about the movie at Starbuck. Well, after that…not all of us keep on staying in touch. But then, who needs a lot when few are enough?

The person that I met today was one of the few who still keep in touch though rarely. She just having her baby girl 8 months ago and this is really our first meeting.

I was a bit curious at first as to tell you the truth I am not really good when it come on hanging out with children. Especially those who wailing, crying, screaming…and screaming and screaming… Or those who can’t sit still and let their parents talk to us the friends. But this one was not anything like that… So, we managed to spend about 3 hours chatting to ask each other’s news and things. The only moment she cried was after we talked almost for 3 hours. Which we assume she was tired and therefore we ended the chat and went home.

What I learned from meeting with her is…we should not give up anything in this life. When we feel we have no friend no more that shares with our interest, then open that damn internet and go look for one.
When we feel that we have not tried all efforts to get what we want, then we should keep on trying…

And therefore, when we finally have something that we wish for a long time…we have to appreciate and cherish it…
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Wah, seru ya, Rii.. nonton rame2 githuu.. berapa orang tuh lagi itu pas nonton bareng "Spiderman 2"?

  2. bridge Says:

    between 10 - 15 people:)

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