High Heels is just not me

We all know only too well, that sometimes, in the urge of being pretty perfect, people torture themselves with any kind of drugs or treatment. Or bizarre habit. Like eating paper toilet for just being skinny all the time, avoiding the sun so the skin will not get burn. Put night conditioner, day conditioner, noon conditioner, or whatever oily things to be stamped on the face. The medicine claimed to be able to remove wrinkles, flex, or whatever unwanted thing that stuck up in the face.


One of the saddest things (at least for me) that women should wear to look professional at work, pretty at the party, gorgeous while clubbing, is the-probably-20-cm-highheels! I have seen and read about tips on high heels. If you want to look professional in the office, please leave out those flat shoes of yours or worse, your jogging shoes. Wear only those high heels. It will make your legs look smaller and beautiful. And it can add a few cm if you are a very short person. In short, the high heels help women to boost their performance. As I quote from Wikipedia about reasons for wearing high heels include:

they change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves

they change the wearer's posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the walk

they make the wearer appear taller

they cause the wearer's legs to look longer

Reasons for not wearing high heels; quoted from Wikipedia include:

they can become painful or damaging for some wearers.

they can shorten the wearer's stride

they can render the wearer unable to run

And as again I quote from Wikipedia: High-heeled shoes slant the foot forward and down while bending the toes up. The more that the feet are forced into this position, the more it may cause the Achilles Tendon to shorten. This may cause problems when the wearer chooses lower heels or flat-soled shoes. When the foot slants forward, a much greater weight is transferred to the ball of the foot, increasing the likelihood of damage to the underlying soft tissue which supports the foot. In many shoes, style dictates function, either compressing the toes, or forcing them together, possibly resulting in blisters, corns, hammer toes, bunions and maybe other medical conditions, most of which are permanent, and will require surgery to alleviate the pain. High heels--because they tip the foot forward-- put pressure on the lower back through making the derrière push outwards and crushing the lower back vertebrae and contracting the muscles of the lower back.

My friends usually prepare sandals for exchange her high heels from time to time. And me? I use snickers or any kind of sport shoes to go to work and of course, coming home from work. I did not use them until these last 5 years. Until I realize that my shoes (sort of like men shoes, but with heels, of course) were getting depraved very fast. It means I have to find new shoes. Again. And trust me, it is so hard to find shoes that can be used to be worn in the office. That is when I finally decided to wear my-so-called-office-shoes in the office only. And using sport shoes is great to help you when you have to standing for a long time in the bus. Well, at least it helps me a lot.

I do admire those women who are still able to wear high heels and running wildly to chase a bus and then standing in the bus for hours and not even look a bit of tired. I would start whining and whining silently because my feet are killing me. But then, we are all can not be the same person.

So, I stack my office shoes in the office. And for my other activities I used either flip flop or simply flat shoes. As for the high heels, I use them only at parties and church. Never wore them more than 2 hours. It did make my feet look slimmer. But the pain is hard to endure. And since I am not sort of a hot executives workers, why bother with some fake appearance and torture myself?

Salute to those women who in the name of beauty and fashion manage to endure a lot of pain just to amuse other with their appearance. As, I sure heck unable to force myself to do so.

And no salute to those women who force their little girl wearing high heels so soon. I know you are a fashionista, but seriously?
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