I am nice because I have no money...

I remembered this dialogue in this movie: French Kiss. Meg Ryan, the cast in the movie; said (more or less) : If you treat the French Waitress nicely, they will treat you like shit. But if you treat them like shit, they will treat you nicely.

I used to think that this is some kind of tips on how to deal with the French Waitress only. WRONG. You can use the above tip, conditionally. 

The meaning of the above dialogue is, if you treat the waitress nicely, they willl assume that you are not a rich person and you being nice is only a lame tactic to get cheaper prize. This will also means that you can not afford to give them big tip. So, screw with this nice person. That is why, they treat you like shit.
However, if you treat them like shit, they will assume that you either just being stuck up or have tonz of fortunes in your bank accounts to allow your rude behaviour. This is means, if they are capable to please you, you will award them with big tips. And if not, you are still holding something for their life. You can either ask the manager to fired them, if they are not please you. Or you can make sure they will not get a decent work anywhere in this world. This is why, they treat you nicely.

My opinion, it depends on the place. Sometimes, when we treat the waitress nicely, they will response by giving all the help that you needed. Sometimes, they just simply rude and ignore you completely. It is all depends with you as well. You want to be nice only to the right people. Or, you keep being nice, knowing that they are in the lower standard below you for unable to act decent towards other human being. Or perhaps they have something on their mind which made them unbearable to deal with. Well, okay if that is too much...a simple flat face will do just fine to these kind of people ^__^
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