I feel sorry for you...

A few years ago, someone confessed something to me. He said he has no more feeling towards his wife after two years marriage!

I tried to suppress my feeling just to listen more because well, being single I do curious about marriage's life. He added that he was actually marrying her just because he pitied her! (OOOKAYYY)
Another reason was because they have been dating for a very long time. So her parents were kinda pursued him to go on with the wedding
He has confessed his feeling with his wife and of course his wife do not wish to go on with the divorce.
But he really do not wish to continue his marriage.

It’s nobody’s fault, he said to me shrugging his shoulder. It’s just he has changed to another person
And since life is so short, he did not wish to spend his life with someone that he did not love anymore….
Spooky, huh?
He was wondering why his wife couldn’t just take it easy and let their marriage end

I said, that would be impossible for him to expect coolness from his wife
Naturally she would reject the idea, because her feelings for him is still great... And probably because they have a son already...

Seriously, I do not think want to end up in a marriage because a guy feel sorry for me and therefore while he waits for the love of his life, he accept to be married over pitifulness...

Will that be sad that living single forever or otherwise?
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